Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know to feel free and leave comments! Even if it's just one, we really would like to interact with our readers and stuff. It's encouraging~ We'll talk anyways, so if you tell us what you want to hear, then we won't feel like we're just ranting. Maybe it's just me, so I shouldn't speak for Anemone, haha.
Well, here's my playthrough of Sonic.exe and stuff, I got Windows Movie Maker to work (yay)!! Finally, I can edit things~ The sound quality of the video is a bit bad, and you can't hear the game in the background either, because my video recording software won't record the sounds from games unless I have it at 100% volume, and that's just painful. So in the link below for Sonic.exe there is also a place to DL the soundtrack, and I recommend it~ I love the music and stuff in this game, especially for Stage 1! It's beautiful!
Sonic.exe download link
Next I'll be playing through Shiro Oni, which is a version of Ao Oni. Some other plans I have are SCP-M(arkiplier), the Luna Games which are pretty short, I might do two or three at a time, and 7 Days. Don't forget, you can always request games for us to play and give us your opinions!
Also... Did you hug your yandere today?
Kill onii-san? Sounds fun~


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