Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ib Playthrough Part 1

So we were bored and hanging out together, and I found out something horrifying! ANEMONE HAS NEVER PLAYED IB!!! SO, I made her play it, and she's having a lot of fun~
 Anemone here! Aggroe made me play a horror game! It was pretty interesting and I can't wait to play more and I'm sure Aggroe can't wait to scare the crap out of me! >.>

Ib is a Japanese game about an 8-year old girl named "Ib". Her name in English is pronounced Eve, and she gets trapped in an art gallery! OH NO!
Anyways, I fucking love this game and Anemone is converting to the dark side, hehehe~
Yeah. I didn't know what else to put here, honestly.

While I did some commentary and made sexual innuendos.
On our 2nd take, Anemone screamed out of fear when the fruit falls out of the painting... Sadly, our voices were too quiet, and we couldn't use that recording... Boo. Aaaaaanyways, a link to part one is at the bottom, and we'll add more as we play more! Enjoy, and have a wonderful week!!
 Link to part 1

 <3 ~A&A~ <3

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