Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Titans are Attacking!!

Hiya Everyone! Anemone here~
I'm sorry for being gone for so long! I went to the Blue October Sway concert yesterday and got home earlier this morning only to leave for a bunch of errands. BUT! I do have a Blue October concert vlog that I am currently putting together! I'll get that up later tonight! But for now I want to do an anime review~
So over the summer I watched quite a few newer anime and everything I watched was pretty great! My favorite anime of the summer had to be Shingeki no Kyojin, otherwise known as Attack on Titan! This is an anime about the last of the human race caged behind three man made walls. The walls were built to keep giant, man-eating titans out! A boy named Eren Jeager and his friends Mikasa and Armin join the military to kill the titans and save the human race, but walls are going down one by one!
It's violent, terrifying, somewhat gory, sad, and really catches your eye. I personally LOVE darker anime so this is a great treat for me! Not to mention the sound track is beyond amazing!
I started reading the manga a bit after I first saw the anime. Without the intense music and animation it just didn't seem to keep my attention. I didn't like it near as much as I do the anime. But that's just my opinion! It's worth a read!

If you want to give the manga a shot click the link here: Attack on Titan Manga
As for the anime I'd say check this out for sure!!!!! It's wonderful! Watch Attack on Titan
Last but not least I always have to post the funny videos I find! So go ahead and watch the first episode then check these out!
This first one is probably my favorite viral video of all times and makes me laugh so hard every time I watch it. I saw this before I started watching Attack on Titan. Every time the opening song came on I couldn't stop laughing, yet because the last episode I watched was always so sad I'd end up cry-laughing.
This second one was sent to me after I saw the anime. Someone had created a post saying you can put the Attack on Titan opening song to anything. One person disagreed and well, they were proven wrong XD
This last video is a cosplay of the main titan, the Colossal Titan dancing... Enough said.... XD
And last but not least I also may be making my own Armin cosplay! If I do plan to make the cosplay I will post update pictures and let you guys know when I plan to do that and how I plan to make it! :D

So check out the anime, the videos, the manga and tell us what you think! I hope you all enjoy it! It's one of my favorites!
Anemone <3

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