Friday, October 18, 2013

We're bringing in Halloween with some scary stories/gaming playthroughs/anything scary, really. If you want to request a game or story, go to our facebook and post a comment! We won't bite, I promise~ Alright, so I played through and recorded two games, one is really short and the other depends on how long you want to play it. The first game, OMGWTFOTL is a really random text-based game, aka visual novel, that makes no sense. Also, it's R-18 so make sure you are careful... Secondly, I play SCP-087 and scream like a little girl. The links to download both are here, and good news! Both are free! SCP-087 and OMGWTFOTL have both download links and information about the game. Here is the link to my playthrough on youtube! 
Also, I wanted to talk creepypastas today. Normally, I don't like these, but on a cold, rainy, October day with nothing better to do, they aren't so bad if you find the right ones. First off, I really like the Holders series. For some reason, the writing style makes me very happy. Next, there's one called Pack. This one is strange, but somehow I enjoyed reading it and keep going back to it. Another that I enjoyed is called the Sleep Walker. It's short, and has quite a few grammar issues, but it's pretty creepy if you ask me.
And finally, I really enjoyed reading Sonic.exe, as cliched as it was. It is by far not my favorite creepypasta, but a response story that I had a lot of fun reading was excellent. You have to read Sonic.exe first, but it's worth it. The idea that this writer came up with in Anti-Sonic.dll story was amazing! Somehow, the concept is really terrifying and awesome in it's own way. Also, just so you know, someone did a fanmade version of the Sonic.exe game, and it is fabulous! In the first version, however, Eggman's running animation cracked me up, Anemone and I couldn't keep straight faces while playing... I'm glad the person changed it, haha.
Sonic.exe DL
I will be playing through this short little hack and posting it, so look forward to that~
Also, I will DL and playthrough the Luna games later...If you haven't heard of them, basically the Luna games are fanmade MLP horror games. I was skeptical at first, but I watched SomeOrdinaryGamers playthrough the first one, and it was pretty damn cool...
Luna Game DL - This link has all the games, 1-4, 0, and End.

Wow, this made me happy! *just found it while looking up Luna DLs* Markiplier is one of my favorite people on Youtube, his playthroughs are EPIC! And this is hilarious~ It's a Markiplier mod for SCP Secure Contain Protect.

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