Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm Feeling EMPOWERED!

I hope everyone's having a good Sunday ^_^ Today I want to talk about a comic book I've fallen in love with! A friend of mine got me the first one for my birthday and then let me borrow the ones he had. He told me they were a tad bit weird but they'd grow on me. Well they did grow on me, but they were a LOT weirder that I expected them to be and VERY sexual!
I've recently been reading the Empowered comic book series written by Adam Warren and published by Dark Horse Comics. My first thought was pretty much "What the crap kind of weird super hero porn am I reading?!". After a bit I just kept reading and reading and reading because I realized that it's absolutely hilarious!
Empowered is about a young girl who's super hero name is Empowered! She is the weakest her super hero group known as the Super Homies and keeps getting captured and tied up and gagged. Her super suit is also super thin and tears very easily. So most of this comic is a blonde chick with big boobs and a big ass tied up half naked. No kidding.
I also find Empowered very relate-able.  No I'm not captured by evil villains on a daily basis, but Empowered is a girl who lives out her life like a normal human being and goes through emotional times and doesn't have the most wonderful self esteem. We all have insecurities and weaknesses and some people may seem weaker than others or get bullied for their insecurities. The Super Homies bully Empowered because she's weak and curvy and her super suit is slutty.
So if you can't tell just from the main character this comic book is just plain out sexual. There are sex scenes and the author even put in "fan fiction" between characters. There is also lesbian and gay foreplay, a ninja with a drinking problem, thugs, and an alien called The Caged Demon Wolf who likes to watch Human intercourse.
My favorite character is Ninjette. She's a ninja with a drinking problem and Empowered's friend. She's totally bad ass! She likes to play video games and hang out with the Super Homies. She's probably the chillest character in the whole comic! Plus she's a cutie!

This comic may seem bad but if you don't mind puns, dirty jokes, bad jokes, and sarcasm then you'll love this. I would recommend this comic to those who find dirty jokes funny. It is insanely weird so beware but I love it so it can't be that bad, right? I've gotten to the 3rd one and there are 6 out at the moment. They're making a 7th one. You can buy the digital download here if you'd like to read them~ Empowered Comic Volume 1 Download Enjoy~

Going to end this with a few sexy lady cosplays for you all ;)

Anemone <3

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