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The (not so) Wonderful World of Drama CDs~!

Mina-san, konbanwa!
Good evening, everyone~
Today, I am going to talk about something that I didn't think I'd share on here, heh. I, normally, prefer games like Left 4 Dead, Fallout, .Hack, etc... But lately I've been doing a lot of PC gaming. Since my laptop can only handle so much, I've been playing a lot of interesting visual novels, some are mysteries, some horror, and some are even, yes I dare to say it, romantic! *gasp*
Yes, I am referring to Otome Games!
Haha, anyways, as it turns out I've also discovered Drama CDs! These are a GREAT way for me to practice my Japanese, since it's really hard to find people in this area who know Japanese and are willing to practice with me. I also decided that if I translate them myself, as many don't have English translations, I will accomplish 3 things:
1: My Japanese will get better! (Dakara, ima ore wa mada jyouzu janee)

 2: I won't end up with a splitting headache and have to translate it every single time I want to listen to one. Hey, I get bored from time to time! Plus, it's comforting hearing voices speaking Japanese, I think... I dunno why, though.


3: All those lonely, bored, high school girls in America can enjoy them~!

There's one Otome game in particular that I've been enjoying. It's called "Starry*Sky" and there are four versions, one for each season! So far only ~in Spring~ has been translated into English, but if I can figure out how to make a patch for a game, I'll try getting a group together to translate the other three into English.
Basically, this game personifies the 12 star signs, each one is a handsome guy. There are three in each version. The Pisces is a major tsundere... urgh. He's kind of annoying~
They made an anime out of this too, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm gonna check it out when I get done with all my other anime, haha.
If I were to rate it...
Story: 3/5 stars, it was good but could be better.
Characters: 4/5 stars, I feel that they really did a good job projecting the signs as characters.
Art: 6/5 stars, the artwork made this game worth playing! I just want to look at these pictures all the time!
Voice acting: 4.5/5 stars, it was pretty damn good.

Anyways, back onto topic, there are different drama CDs for this game. Remember how I talked about the Yandere drama CDs? These are similar, except the relationship is MUCH MUCH healthier~
In any case, the drama CDs for this game fall into two categories: Seiza Kareshi (Constellation Boyfriend) and Seiza Danna (Constellation Husband). Pretty obvious, yeah? Well, I'm translating the Seiza Kareshi series right now, as I have WAAAAAY too much time on my hands! I'm starting with Pisces, simply because his pronounciation is fairly easy for me to understand, although Cancer's is more easily understood...
I've only done Track 1 so far, the intro, but I'm posting it here!
Urgh, I'll just copy+paste the text below, that will be easiest.
If you want a link to buy the CD, it's Vol. 3, then here it is! The link goes to Amazon, but if you search Seiza Kareshi Drama CD I bet you'll find it elsewhere in no time!
Also, I'm sure there are other places to get it. This /is/ the internet, after all. I encourage you to buy it, but I can't force you, haha~
Oh, also, I'm willing to collaberate with other Japanese speakers out there! My translation is definitely not 100% perfect, as my vocabulary in Japanese is low, plus I translated the whole thing by ear. I know a lot of Japanese, but mostly sentence structures, slang, verbs, and some words here and there. I'm bad with colloquialisms and such...Yeah, this is my first translation EVER! I'm pretty damn proud, even though it's not great... It took me FOUR HOURS and this is a THREE MINUTE TRACK!... Still, I'm proud~ *posting it at the VERY bottom*

...Well, that's enough of my incredibly, surprisingly girly, post...
I'll be posting a playthrough of Monster Girl Quest soon, hopefully tomorrow, so look forward to an amazingly perverted time~!

Please feel free to request translations~! I really enjoy translating stuff, and it helps me out too! I have a lot of free time on my hands, so feel free to ask!

Translator’s Note!: I looked online and there wasn’t a translation I could find easily, and I wanted to  practice my Japanese. So I’m taking on the project of translating the Starry Sky Seiza Kareshi CDs!  I’m doing it aaaaaall by ear, I don’t have the ‘lyrics’ in front of me, so bear with me as the translations may not be 100% correct. ^^ Enjoy!

Seiza Kareshi Vol. 3 ~Pisces~
Track 1: I’m Kanata Nanami[1]  Self-Intro
H-hey. I love… y-you. Did you hear me? I already told you, I… I love you! S-sorry… I didn’t say that well... But… I really do love you.
Hey, you know me pretty well. Huh, you know but you want an introduction? You…! *sigh* Well, whatever. I’ll tell you, so you better listen up. My name is Kanata Nanami. I’m a Sophomore studying Astronomy (in High School).
My birthday is March 18. My star sign is… Hey, I think you know this one. Hm? Yeah, you’re right, Pisces! Of course you knew that. My blood type is B. Huh? The personality of a Pisces? Ugh, guess it can’t be helped. I’ll tell you about it but I won’t say it twice! Listen up! A Pisces person is very emotional, but not very logical. So, Pisces people are kinda feminine.[2]
But, it’s worth putting up with. Pisces like artistic and beautiful things, and their own world view is something important to them. So, they fit in best with creative jobs. Heh, I guess this suits me pretty well. It’s a bit confusing… Even though they make their own world view important, they run from being alone… They don’t like involving people.[3]
They feel that way.[4]
They might be annoying, but they when they love someone they won’t leave them alone. In that sense, they can be little devils without meaning to. Ehehe~ Am I a little devil? Huh? I’m different, you say? Cut it out! A-anyways, that’s how a Pisces person acts. Got it?
I have one more thing to say… I understand the stars, so I want to learn more about you. I care for you more than anyone else could.[5]

[1] Here, he says “Nanami Kanata”. Since it’s Japan, Nanami is his last name.

[2] This was… difficult. The Japanese is “Kanjo no mamani shigachi nanda”. I think this is a correct translation, but am not sure.

[3] This line was rough as well. “jibun no sekaikan wa taisetsu suru kusee (kusai) ni naze ga hitori de iro no nigetetta… tsui maario makikonde shimau”

[4] Lit. “That sort of place exists”

[5] Lit. “My feelings for you won’t lose to anyone else’s”

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  1. hello! I love Starry Sky and Tsubasa. Please Might translate Starry ☆ Sky Seiza Kareshi Vol. 2 「Aquarium」. I've looked everywhere but can not find: c Please! Thanks in advance.