Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10 Intro to Cosplay Tips

Yo! Good evening!
Since Aggroe may be gone for a few days I'll post twice a day until she gets back~ I'm going to try and organize my posts a bit more, maybe chose certain topics for certain days of the week. Like Anime Tuesday or Games Thursday. Just to give our blog a bit more organization!

Anyways tonight I want to give some cosplay tips~ For any first time cosplayers here are some tips for you!
1. Be the character that you want to be. It could be your favorite character, the one you look most like, the one you act most like, as long as you know who you want to be then go for it! Don't let people tell you that you can't cosplay someone because you don't look or act like them!
I personally like to pick characters that I think I look like.
2. Pick something easy. For your first cosplay I would say pick something easy to make if you plan on making your cosplay! If you pick something too elaborate then you may not get it done in time. Also it's better to start small and build up the sewing experience.
I remade my Anemone hoop skirt dress at least 3 times. I plan to remake it once more as a final piece. That's 4 times I'm gonna give this dress a go!
3. Don't give up! If you make something and it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to then try again! Like I said it took me 3 tries to get my Anemone dress right! Keep your head up and try again or try something easier! Nobody starts as a pro!

4. Make it your own! When making a cosplay you don't have to look exactly like the character! For my Ciel dress I put on a black corset and a tutu to make it a bit girlier and prettier! So if you want to change up a character then do it! Gender swap them, do crossovers, make it lolita style, add your own touch!
5.Make up is key! You put on your cosplay and brush out your wig but a cosplay isn't complete without a little cosplay make up! Doing your make up is actually a bigger part of cosplay than people think! If your face isn't done up like the rest of you then it may not look as great no matter how naturally pretty all of you are. If you don't know how to do cosplay make up then here are some tips!

  • Look up youtube tutorial videos! (I'll be posting a few of my own soon~) 
  • Put on a little light foundation, powder, some eye liner, a bit of mascara, and some light lipstick!
  • Have a friend do your makeup for you
  • If you have one, do your normal everyday make up (maybe plus some~)
6. Wigs, props, and contacts! If you can, it's always nice to have a little extra! Invest in a nice wig! Something you can use over and over and wont get ruined. I usually get my wigs off amazon and then style them myself. I also buy colored contacts from this site a friend showed me a while ago. Lens Circle. If your character uses any weapons or has any gear then make/buy them! Props add extra coolness to your cosplay! These things aren't really "necessary" but they are good to have if you can get them!
7. Be in character! Nothing is more fun than cosplaying a character who has a personality you love! I love going to conventions and seeing others cosplay my favorite characters and act like them too! I once saw a Lemongrab from Adventure time who kept screaming at me while I was trying to take a picture of him! It was hilarious and I loved it! 
8. Fun vs. Competition. There are people who cosplay for different reasons. I like to cosplay for show! I love showing off and getting tons of pictures and have people adore the way I look. I don't cosplay for competition, and though it is fun I like to look as gorgeous as I can. Be aware of what kind of cosplayer you are. Competitive? Show? Just for fun? Also be aware that people cosplay for different reasons. So if you aren't competitive then respect the cosplayers that are that way and vice verse. Respect everyone~
9. Cosplay with a friend! If your having trouble with a cosplay it's always nice to have a friend who can support and help you. If you find someone who likes the same anime as you then cosplay characters together from that anime! It's really cool to see groups and pairs of cosplayers! 
10. Enjoy yourself and be kind. This is the most important. Don't let anyone tell you who you HAVE to be, but be open for suggestions. Don't let people tell you your cosplay sucks, but learn from criticism. Be kind, be open, and have fun! 

I really hope this helps some people who may want to cosplay! Let me know if you have any questions!
Anemone <3

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