Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nerdy? Geeky? or Yourself?

Good afternoon everyone~
So today I found this hilarious and wonderful music rap video Nerd vs. Geek by Link and Brett. Nerd vs Geek rap video~
I watched it, got a good laugh. But then I started wondering if there is really a difference between Geeks and Nerds. According to the video nerds are smarter and dorkier. Geeks are more mainstream. Yet when I hear either one I think of the same things. Does anyone really think there is a difference because honestly, I don't. Also on the topic of "cliques and groups" it makes me wonder if "being geeky/nerdy" is really considered a "social outcast"? Me and Aggroe have groups of friends that are nerdy and geeky and love the same things we do. When looking at other cliques such as "popular kids" or "jocks" or "emos" It's really just a group of people that enjoy the same things.
There's also another thing that I'm curious about. I wonder why we give each other certain stereotypes almost like they are a criteria to be in a certain group. As an example you have to listen to emo bands, have a cool multicolor/black haircut, wear dark/band inspired clothes, and have piercings to be "emo". Yet if you don't follow those exact guidelines then you aren't a "true emo".
For someone like me or Aggroe, we can fit in to almost any "group" because we're open minded, yet due to stereotyping we can't fit into one exact group.
I like to say that I am a nerd/geek. I love anime, cosplay, video games, DnD, but I don't know jack shit about computers and I don't care for nerdy popular books. Because I haven't read the Harry Potter series does that make me a "fake nerd"?
I also love gyaru makeup and just doing my hair and make up in general, I have piercings and tattoos, I love volleyball and basketball, I have a pet snake and a pet kitty, I love watching cartoons. All these things fit into cliques, but not all of them fit into the same clique.
I think the little things that we love make us who we are. I'd rather be called a fake person than have one particular clique or group of people rule my life.
I want to give a shout out to people who have inspired me to love what I do today.
Airica Michelle is a model I first found out about on instragram. She's a total nerd! She's covered in nerdy tattoo's, cosplays, loves Mario. She's also a bartender and a super hot woman! She dresses pretty scene I would say. She inspires me to be sexy, nerdy, and scene and all of the things I love as well. Of course I don't want Mario tattoo's and to strut around half naked. She does what she loves and that's what I want to be like.
Another person who inspires me is Leda Monster Bunny. I love her mainly because she changes what she looks like all the time. If you watch her youtube videos she looks different in nearly every video! When I was in high school I wasn't sure what I wanted to look like. I love so many different styles! Leda can rock so many styles and she makes me feel like I can also love body mods. I know I will be judged for wearing colored contacts, coloring my hair, wearing extensions, changing my clothes. But we all do it whether we admit it or not with things like simple haircuts to changing our clothes to painting out nails. WE ALL MODIFY OURSELVES. She is also very nerdy as well! She loves WOW and pokemon!

I'm also really inspired by Meg Turney on SourceFed! She's also a pretty, nerdy cosplayer! She's a gamer and loves Japan and pokemon! She's also very smart and pretty! She's also a model. She inspires me to state my opinions and to be smart and sexy and I can still be nerdy!

Lastly, I'm really inspired by Anastasia Shpagnia! I know a lot of people don't like her because she looks "fake" but that's honestly why I love her! She's a wonderful make up artist, an awesome cosplayer, a beautiful girl and she does her own thing! She inspires me to look the way I want to no matter what people say about me. She's also into anime and k-pop/j-pop music! Nerdy girl Anastasia!

It just goes to show that you can be nerdy, geeky, anything! I know this wasn't a very nerdy post but I just want to show the different kinds of people out there. Stop judging people for being "fake" when they're just being themselves! There's a ton more people who inspire me. Friends, family, more cosplayers and models, but I'll leave it at this for now! I'm sorry this may not be an interesting post. But I hope to inspire more people to be themselves and stop following silly "clique criteria".
So comment about someone who inspires you or talk about yourself! What makes you nerdy and what makes you different!? :D
I hope everyone has a wonderful night! Gonna play some Ao Oni and post a play through~
Anemone <3

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