Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello all! My name is Aggroe, and I'm the gamer of this blog!
Well, as an intro, I'm a college student and a MASSIVE nerd. I grew up surrounded by video games, and grew up to watch a shit ton of Anime, too!
I also enjoy chilling with people, I'm not completely anti-social yet!
Now, I speak fluent Japanese (and traveled there in high school, YES!!), own an SNES and PS3, plus everything in between, and own three gorgeous puppies.
I'm a psychology major and eventually hope to obtain a PhD, so I hope I can do it!
I love Digimon, Harvest Moon, Silent Hill, Mass Effect, Halo, Mario, Attack on Titan, Higurashi, and things like Squid Girl and Ouran High School Host Club... basically I'll play or watch anything, I give all my options a chance.
Yeah... Enough with the boring shit, ENJOY this beautiful picture! It shows my philosophy of Anime and video games... Just enjoy what is there and stuff.
I guess that's about it... I stole this picture from Anemone, just so you know.

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