Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm sorry for not posting in a while, everyone!! My internet is messed up, and for some reason wouldn't let me post anything... BUT I'm back~!

THIS VIDEO IS HILARIOUS! It's a funny Japanese prank on TV, though I can't say much more... WARNING the people in it are naked, because it's in a sort of spa thing for after skiing.... Though you don't see much of anything really. What time is it? LINK TIME!
Who is the killer?
Also, watch Dangan Ronpa! The full name is longer... Anyways, it's really dark, a murder mystery. I really like the art style! Also, it's based off of a visual novel for the PSP... Which is cool and stuff.It's creepy, funny at times, pretty messed up, and... Well, I think MonoKuma is adorable!... But that's just me. Basically, these kids are trapped in a "school" and it's kill or be killed! Murder is the only way to graduate, you see... And if you don't graduate, you live there forever and ever and ever and ever and... Well, you get the point. Hehe...
This anime makes me happier than it should be~
To watch, click HERE!!
Finally, if you want a comedy that's adult (I'd recommend 18+, but this is the internet, so do what you want haha) then check out an anime, also with a freakishly long name, is often called Yu-shibu. It's still ongoing, but the art in it is AMAZING! There are only two episodes as of now... The full title translates to "I couldn't become a hero, so I had to get a job", and it's about a hero who has no purpose as the demon lord was killed by someone else, so the hero program was shut down. After a while of working, the demon lord's child comes to apply for a part time job, and gets it!
Again, I'd call it R18... But, it is pretty funny~
Yu-Shibu link~

Well, that's about all for now~! I have to go and prep my speech, urgh... Wish me luck, please! I;m gonna need it! No amount of practice has prepped me for this! *has an epic case of stage fright* ...
Well, I hope you enjoyed~!

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