Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horror Story!

So today I've been really uneventful and doing so much nothing. So I wanted to share a few updates first. Our blogs almost at 1,500 views and 50 facebook friends. Once we reach this amount we are going to have a Truth or Dare video for everyone! So if you'd like, get a friend to join us on facebook and comment a geeky truthful question and/or a nerdy dare for us!
Is anyone is the mood for a spooky short story? Here's a random mini horror story I wrote myself.

It all started on a cold, late October night. My parents had gone out to an adult Halloween party and my grandparents had taken my siblings trick or treating. I sat curled up by the warm fireplace in my sweatpants and favorite sweater with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and my laptop mouse in the other. For being alone on Halloween I was cozy and warm and didn't mind it much.
All the lights were turned off including the porch lights to discourage trick-or-treaters from ringing the doorbell. Due to the glow of the fireplace there were a few that had come to the door but not many.
I'm checking my messages on my laptop when I get a message from a stranger. The message was from a girl named Anna Bell. I open it to find a link to a game I've never heard of. It was another one of those cheesy Halloween horror games. I close the tab and go to check Anna Bell's profile to see if she had any mutual friends and to ask her not to message me this crap, but when I went back to the message it had disappeared! Checking my history there was no message from anyone named Anna Bell.
"That's weird" I spoke to myself.
Suddenly the game she had sent opens itself up on my computer. I hadn't downloaded it. I thought it might have been a virus but it looked like an ordinary game. I figured why not? Might as well play a free scary game right?
"Kill or be Killed" was the name of the game. Sounded pretty lame to me. I saw the monster in the first few minutes of playing. She was wearing a white dress, half human with a rabbits head. She ran but I was able to catch her and kill her. The game kept going. Was there more than one monster in the game that I needed to defeat? I destroyed several mini monsters that just looked like black blobs but still haven't come across any other rabbit things.
I then hear the doorbell ring. I open it to see a little girl dressed as a fairy princess yell "Trick or Treat!". I gave her some candy and she skipped away happily.
I shut the door and got back to the game. What I see takes me by surprise. I see the little girl who was dressed as the fairy princess in my computer screen! It looked exactly like her! This is creepy, I thought to myself. The fairy princess girl ran off into the distance. I tried to run after her but the game glitched and I couldn't seem to find her. I continued to play the game. I was running around a forest.
"This doesn't seem like much of a game. It isn't even scary" I mumbled bored.
The door bell rings again. I go to answer it to see two twins dressed up as Super man and Spider man. I gave them their candy. When I shut the door I heard yelling. I assumed they were just fighting over candy or someone near by got scared or pranked.
I sat down to continue the game. Oddly enough the two little boys appeared this time! They looked terrified! The same as before happened where I chased after them and it glitched. Getting a little worried I kept exploring the game. Only this time instead of a forest I was in a town. The town kept getting more and more familiar with every turn I took. It was starting to look exactly like where I lived! Curious, I explored the town and got to my house, which was covered in the exact same Halloween decorations that I had put out earlier today.
Freaked out I quickly turn off the game and play some music when I hear the doorbell again. I decide not to answer it. I go into the kitchen and check the time. 2:30am!? What!? This had to be wrong. My parents and siblings were still gone. Who is at the door at 2:30 am!? How long was I playing that game? I go to peek through the blinds to see who's at the door. It was a little girl in a bunny outfit. I open the door.
"Uh sweety what are you doing out so late?" I asked her
"trick or treat" she yelled back!
"Don't you know what time it is?"
The little girl then stopped. Her eyes grew wide as she started right past me. Her jaw dropped and she started to shake. I slowly turn around not wanting to see what was behind me. On my computer screen was the little girl in the bunny outfit. I turn back around to face the little girl and she was gone.
I go to completely turn off my laptop. This is insane! Horrified I get in my car and start to drive off to my grandparents house. Maybe everyone's staying the night at their place?
The roads were suddenly becoming less and less familiar. It looked like I had drove out of town. I don't live near a forest and somehow I ended up surrounded by trees. I pulled over and pulled out my phone to call my parents.
That's when I heard it.
"Where are you taking us?" I heard a faint voice speak from the back seat.
I slowly turn around to see the four children who came to my door in the back seat of my car.
"Why did you kidnap us" Asked one of the little boys.
Did I kidnap these children? No. I couldn't have! I turned around to go back to town to return them but all I saw was the forest. I pull over. I had given up for the night. I turn around and all the children are still there.
"Sorry we are going to have to wait until morning to get you guys home".
The children then started to slowly melt.
"WHAT!?" I screamed loudly unsure of what I should do. The children had transformed into the same black blob monsters that were in my game! I had to be dreaming this! I had to be! I look down at myself and suddenly I'm in a white dress. I flail out of the car. The children blobs slither away in a hurry. I reach up and touch my face to feel soft fur growing from my cheeks. My head is getting bigger and heavier. My ears are standing straight up and my eyes and spreading apart.
What's happening to me? I can't speak anymore.
I stay like this for a while. Wandering around the forest, scared and cold. I suddenly hear footsteps behind me. I turn around to see my best friend Ella.
Ella! I try to scream her name. I can not speak. She runs at me and it all makes sense. Now I am the....

To play this super creepy game click here: Kill or Be Killed Game Download

Hope you enjoy!
Anemone <3

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