Monday, October 14, 2013

Cosplay Talk!

How's everyone's night going? Get to feed my beautiful Evra Von tonight!
So I want to start introducing some cosplay stuff to our blog! First off I want to show you my own cosplays!

First off Princess Euphemia from Code Geass! A friend of mine had originally cosplayed Euphy. I fell in love with her cosplay! She even let me wear it one of the days of my first convention! She was so sweet to sell it to me. I've worn it to every convention I've been to. I love it dearly. I watched the anime and fell in love with her character! There are several other characters in this anime I would love to cosplay such as Rolo or Shirley. So here are some photos!

I've also cosplayed the female Ciel Phantomhive dress. SORT OF. I say sort of because I put my own twists on this cosplay. Ciel is a male, in this episode he disguises himself as a girl.He's from the popular anime Black Butler. I love it. Dark and creepy! I originally bought the dress for my first cosplay because I had some friends going to the same convention as Sebastian and Pluto. I borrowed the wig. My second time cosplaying it I wore a pink wig. The final time wearing my Ciel Dress I made it my own! I bought the actual wig, made a tutu, put on a corset, wore heels, and did some epic make up! So I call it my Fem!Ciel Phantomhive with a gothic lolita twist!
First Time as Ciel

Second time as Ciel

My third time as Ciel!

Last but not least of course I've cosplayed Anemone from Eureka 7! I decided to cosplay Anemone because I fell in love with her character from the start. My boyfriend today showed me this anime over a year ago. It's been a favorite ever since! I recommend it to EVERYONE! <3 A goal of mine is to make and cosplay every Anemone outfit (Hoop skirt, plugsuit, ball gown, and military uniform). I've made the Anemone dress myself. I've made many improvements on it and again, wore it to every convention I've been to. I love it to death! I'm going to keep working on it until it's perfect! 

 I've been to 4 conventions total. Kumoricon 2012, Newcon 2012, Sakuracon 2013, and Kumoricon 2013. I was planning on going to Akicon this month. Unfortunetly due to moving out I don't have the time for Aki right now sadly. But I will go to Newcon this December!

Also here are some video's from previous conventions.
I am the Princess Euphemia in this video here from Sakuracon 2013, Sakuracon 2013 Cosplay Showcase
I'm also the Princess Euphemia and Anemone from this CMV video from Newcon 2012 here. Newcon 2012 Cosplay Music Video
So I hope you enjoyed that little cosplay collage. I'm working on two new ones for Newcon 2013! They are secrets though so no one will find out until the day of the convention! ;D I'll give you some hints though. The two characters I'm cosplaying are both male! That's the only hint for today! I'll post more hints up throughout the next few months so keep a lookout for those!
I'll be posting more cosplay related stuffs for all of my cosplay lovers. Also thinking of making a new segment called "Geeky Gone Girly" since I'm a very girly person and can post the more feminine side to things like watching Yaoi, cosplaying, crossplaying, playing more feminine games and just giving girls a chance to let them know not just boys can be geeky.
If anyone wants any information about Newcon 2013 here's a link to their website: Newcon Website
Thank you everyone and enjoy all the cosplay! Also, I'd love to shout out other cosplayers and do group cosplays. If anyone is interested in getting together for group cosplays and such let me know on our facebook!
Anemone <3

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