Saturday, September 2, 2017

How much Mass Effect is too much Mass Effect?

Hey all, Aggroe here!

I've been swamped this week! Just been working a lot so I'm exhausted, I also adopted a cat who's pretty whiny and hates not being pet at all times, so she's been keeping me up ALL NIGHT! So sorry I didn't post yesterday or the day before, but I'm good to go now and I have a three day weekend so tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday I will for sure post something :)

I'll start off with the 30-day challenge, so without any further ado...

Here's day 3: a game that's underrated!

I have a hard time with this one too. There are so many good games out there that aren't necessarily popular, but are still fantastic! I would probably have to pick Katamari Damacy though. It's pretty wild, wacky, colorful, and absolutely ridiculous but satisfyingly so!
If you still aren't convinced, go ahead and check out this video, of the intro. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Welcome back! So story wise, the King of All Cosmos (the man featured in the video with too-tight tights) knocks all the stars and planets out of the sky, and YOU, his son (the Prince of All Cosmos), must fix his mistake!
By rolling things up on Earth, you create planets and stars to replace the old ones. I really love the literal translation of the title, because in English the literal meaning of "Katamari Damacy (Damashii if properly written) is "Round Soul Clump".

If you haven't played this game, I recommend checking it out for sure! It sounds dumb but it's actually fairly challenging in later levels and a lot of fun!

Aaand now day 4: my guilty pleasure game!

For this category, it's not that tough to pick. The game is: Monster Girl Quest!
I actually love this game so much that I named my snake after the main lamia; Alipheese Fateburn the 16th. (We call her Alice for short though, just like the game). I don't actually want to give much away, but what I can tell you is it's kind of funny how I stumbled upon this game.

Initially, it was curiosity and slight disgust. "How in the hell can people have a fetish for this, isn't it just a step above furries?" It turned into mild enjoyment. "Huh, the way this game works is actually really nice, a cool twist on rpgs with higher stakes, has fantastic dialogue and a hilariously dumb main character, and it's actually, dare I say it, kinda sexy in a weird way that makes me slightly uncomfortable". Once I hit the end of the second game though, and the FULL story was revealed, I fell in love with the characters and noticed as the trilogy went on all the character development. And ultimately, you won't believe me unless you play it yourself, but the game has a deep storyline and is all about how if we try and understand each other, no matter what our differences are, we can learn to get along and treat each other with respect.
Pictured; best snek speaking the truth
That image is fairly late game, I think it's between mid 2nd game and mid 3rd game, but could be later.

Welp I'll finish defending nsfw games now I guess :p though I will never stop loving MGQ!

And now, day 5: game character I feel I'm most like

I would have to say that this is a tough choice, just because even though I can relate to characters there aren't a lot that I feel I'm like.

But if I had to pick, I would say that I'm kind of like Fox McCloud (in Starfox Adventures, specifically) without the badass-ness.
He's sassy, sarcastic, and would rather blow shit up (because it's faster and more epic) than sneak in the smart way. He's not the brightest bulb in the box, but he always has a snappy comeback. Also he doesn't put up with people's shit, if someone irritates him it's obvious.

SO the rest of my post (since it's already long) will just be gifs that I find funny that are from Mass Effect. I discovered these first few the other night when I was looking for a good picture of Garrus. Just observe and enjoy~

So there's those things to enjoy. I laughed harder than I should at all of these!

And finally, this video is fantastic~ I'm still on a Mass Effect kick and recently beat the 3rd one, am getting into Andromeda. This DLC is probably my favorite of all of the DLC I've played so far, especially the dialogue inside the vault!

Anyways, I hope you all have a splendid night and sweet dreams~ Eventually I'll post shit other than Mass Effect. Look forward to it, readers~

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Are Coloring Books Nerdy? Are Aliens Taking Over the Blog??

Hey all, Aggroe here!

Today I want to talk about something that I've begun to really enjoy in the last year or so. As some of you may know, I like to draw a LOT. However it's so time consuming and I'm not always in the right state of mind for it, so instead I will usually color. Now I wouldn't bring this up if it didn't relate to the blog in some way, so here's a few pictures of one of my newest coloring book!

I've started coloring in this book and it's just amazing! There are multiple different art styles and it's a lot of fun to have all the iconic scenes in your own version. One of my favorite things about the Alien series is the aesthetic, and getting to add to that in whatever way I see fit is a lot of fun. Plus I love the terror this series evokes, even nowadays it's still creepy!

So fun story time, as a kid I initially thought SciFi was boring and pointless, but when I was introduced to the X-Files and that was the SHIT! I love that show to death even now that I'm older! X-Files cultivated my love of SciFi and built up a curiosity deep within me; a drive to learn more about the world and about the universe.

The first time I watched the Alien series, I think I was too young; kept falling asleep. I didn't understand what was going on, and didn't really care. But recently I rewatched them with family and holy shit was I missing out!

So now, a bit of a tone change. I'm moving on to the 30 day challenge, and day 2 is: my favorite video game character!

Which is an incredibly hard choice. Do I go with Makoto Naegi, Enoshima Junko, Monokuma, or Fujisaki Chihiro from DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc? Or maybe a classic, like Link, Mario, or Sonic? Maybe someone from a game I've played more times than I can count, someone like Celia from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life?

I think though, ultimately, when considering this question I have to think of what character I can relate to, what character I understand, a character who's funny and quirky and maybe a little bit awkward. Not the main character, but a character who was there for the protagonist every step of the way, no matter what. A truly loyal friend, and a brave soul. Someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth but also genuinely cares about others.

Maybe I'm biased; after all I just put about 50 hours into this series, for the third time, and beat the whole series in just a few days.

But at this time I would have to pick Garrus, from the Mass Effect Trilogy.
I like the storyline of him with both male and female Shepard. Either way they have a truly strong friendship, no matter what happens. He's loyal, brave, strong, and some of his commentary is just hilarious! Though Mordin, Joker, Dr. Chakwas, and Liara are all tied for second place. Really I just love the whole crew, especially the early ones who start and end with Shepard.

The story of the three games was executed well I thought, and I like how often the game made fun of itself, for example one of the last scenes in the Citadel DLC during Mass Effect 3 when Shepard and co are stuck in the vaults. I won't spoil anything but it's comic gold!

That's about all I have for you guys tonight, I'm pretty exhausted and have work in the morning, but I hope you all sleep well and have sweet dreams~!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Great comics and first games!

Hey all, Aggroe here! I know it's been a looong while, and I'm sorry for that! I have been doing some soul-searching and putting my life together. I'm still young though, so I've got plenty of time to learn and grow from here.

I haven't been fully honest with all our fans honestly, there's something I've known for a while but haven't come clean about... but you'll have to wait for the video for that news! Something to look forward to. I just have to edit it so it shouldn't be much longer now. :p

So for some excitement, I want to go ahead and start something I haven't done before! I want to go ahead and review a comic series I've been loving~

First of all... the title makes it sound way worse than it is. Just bear that in mind. And it's TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY NSFW and 18+!!

Just something to keep in mind.

Basically it's a story about this couple and some other people who have powers that activate whenever they orgasm; for instance, one of these 'superheroes' stops time for everyone around him. There's also some quality lines in here, for instance...
My next tattoo!

Fun fact, this issue is actually the first one that I purchased and read. I still don't have the first 11 so I'm a little bit lost, but does that really matter with quality content like this?

In all seriousness it's actually got a good story where the characters sort of find themselves and try to build happy, healthy relationships while they navigate the world and try to learn about their own special abilities. It's a weird sort of parallel to real life, where we're all trying to discover ourselves and do the best we can with what we have.

Ultimately they're working together to figure things out. I won't give away more, if you're interested though I recommend doing a search because it's really a lot of fun to read! They're pretty pro-LGBT too from what I've seen, but I haven't read it all yet so no guarantees.

On a more appropriate note, but still serious, I watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame last night for the first time and DAMN is it underappreciated! Some of the scenes and clips were amazing and still relevant today, but was also so damn dark.

This song, for example, is relevant even in the modern day!

My roommates pointed out that one great reason is that the main character actually doesn't get the girl, but she and her significant other actually end up not treating Quasimoto as a third wheel or as an outcast, but as a great friend; they've all got each other's backs.

I think we can all learn a thing or two from that!

And now, I'm going to end on a fun note! I'm going to do a 30-day video game challenge!

SO day 1 is my very first video game! Honestly I don't remember the very first, but I think it was actually Paper Mario on the N64.

This game was my childhood! I love it so damn much, even to this day! I've played The Thousand Year Door on GameCube as well as the Paper Mario on the Wii (which I wasn't as impressed with but was still fun~)

I would play this game over and over, and never get tired of it. I was a bad gamer then though, so I did struggle with it at first. Paper Mario will always have a special place in my heart!

Actually thinking of doing a full playthrough of the Paper Mario series soon and if I do, you'll be the first to know about it. Well, besides me of course~ I don't have all the systems for it right now though so I have to get at least an N64 to start.

And with that, thank you all for reading this and sticking with me until the end! Look forward to another post tomorrow, and I hope you all sleep well and have sweet dreams~!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fooly my Cooly! Wow Today's Post Is So Weird....

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It's time for my anime babble! I asked you guys to recommend the craziest anime you can think of and I watch the first episode and give a 1 episode review! 
This weeks anime is: Fooly Cooly! 
Now I have actually seen bits and pieces from this anime before a long time ago. I'll be watching through the first episode completely and I might even finish it because it's only six episodes long. 
Here is the link to follow along~ Fooly Cooly

About one minute in:
So I'm really into this kind of art style and I'm loving the music!
There's a girl hitting on a boy which I didn't find weird until I realized he's half her size and probably half her age... Well then.
Five minutes in:
So he begins to say something about his brother that doesn't make any sense when all of the sudden another girl comes along and hits him with her motorcycle and thinks that she kills him... when really he's fine. After she finds out that he's fine she then hits him in the head with her guitar.
So before I even reached 10 minutes the boy grew a horn on his head, his classmates say that the girl is called "the wasp" and she "stung" him because he was perverted. Then she follows him to the hospital and well....
I think this next picture says it all....
And now we're discussing what "fooly cooly" means through crazy looking Japanese comics. Fooly cooly is pretty much sex which I already knew. (It isn't that hard to guess either). Also the biker chick is an alien.
So the biker chick is staying with them, her name is Haruhara. The girls name is Mamimi. I still haven't caught the little boys name quite yet. He ran away to see Mamimi and I'm fairly certain she is high. Or mental. Or both.
And suddenly...
Head boners
Two robots jumped out of his head boner and started fighting...
I have now seen everything.
The crazy biker chick Haruhara came and destroyed the robot with her guitar.
There was so much in that one episode and I am mind blown. That was actually REALLY GREAT. I was so into it that I lost track of how far I was into it.
I don't catch onto names very quickly (obviously) but I remembered two of their names. 
It has a kind of "early high school late night" feel to it in my opinion. I don't know how I can describe this anime. I recommend watching it for yourself. There is so much to it that I just can not explain!
All in all I'd give it a 3 out of 5. It wasn't great but it kept me interested! Plus it was really kind of funny! I love this kind of art and their facial expressions were hilarious! Also the music fit really well and I really enjoyed it!
There you have it. Fooly Cooly! What would you rate this anime? You can also post requests down below!
Lastly, these facial expressions...



Day 24: Gun

My favorite video game gun is the machine gun from Left 4 Dead 2. I'm not a fan of guns and that's actually the only video game gun I can remember. Plus machine guns are bad ass.

Day 25: Enemies

My favorite video game enemies are the frills from Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. I think the horrible at being bad, totally dorky bad guys are the best. The never really accomplish anything. Their kind of like really, really stupid humans only they look better.

Day 26: Console

The Play Station 2! Isn't it obvious? The console that I grew up on will always be my favorite! If I made a video game though it would probably be for the PS4 because no one makes games for the older PS consoles anymore (which makes since because their a little dated).


Hentai of the Day! (18+)
I think I want to post some Hentai today! I mean what's better on fixing a bad week than some anime porn!? (well I'm sure a lot of things, but whatever)! Today I picked out Inran Kagura- Haruka's Scroll. I originally picked to read it because I like the outfit the girl was wearing on the cover (which probably isn't the best reason to pick something to read). Anyways, It actually wasn't half bad. It was pretty funny in some parts and the proportions sometimes were hilarious. 
for those of you who like sex slaves, big boobs, and groups then please enjoy~ 
Not my thing but I still thought it was pretty funny.


Anemone's Favorite Finds!
Since I don't really find "geeky" things every day I won't call it "Geeky Finds" but "Favorite Finds" instead so that I can share my favorite things that I find throughout the day!
Today I have to share one of my new favorite bands! A friend posted a song to one of my recent statuses on facebook called All Men Are Pigs by the Studio Killers. I fell in love with the song instantly! 
I also found a bunch of other songs by the Studio Killers that I fell in love with such as:
This is a very upbeat, dance, funky band. I love it to death and I recommend to give one of these songs a listen!


QOTD: What is your favorite Band?
Mine is Blue October, but I have a lot of others that I adore such as Secondhand Serenade, Dragonforce, and Imagine Dragons!
Answer below or on our Facebook Page!


That's it for today everyone! Don't forget to vote on our poll of the week in the upper right hand corner! I'll also be doing a Pokemon Challenge playthrough! Rules and video up later this week! 
Goodnight everyone!
Anemone <3

We're Back! And Better Than Ever~

Yoooo everyone!
So I know, we've kind of been on a hiatus-type thing. I was kind of dealing with some personal stuff like finding myself and shit, and Anemone was away at her parents' house.
Despite all that, we're back! I have quite a bit to talk about, so I'll catch up on the challenge tomorrow. Oh don't worry, you perverts will get your HTD, and all the otakus out there will get your daily dose of Japan~
So the first bit of news:
Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely ADORE the movie Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It was a part of my childhood, and I would watch it on Netflix whenever I was bored, lonely, sad, angry, whatever! As a result, I'm a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day! I'm also a huge fan of the show The Guild, which Felicia stars in. So this might be old news, but apparently, they are going to start filming Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 2 very soon! I'm dying a bit inside out of happiness and sheer joy! This is the only musical besides Repo The Genetic Opera and White Christmas that I actually enjoy~ I'm looking forward to this more than I care to admit~~
Here's the link for more details on DH2~

Alright, so normally I don't give a shit about celebrities... But Felicia Day is beautiful and nerdy and just fun in general~ Neil Patrick Harris might have a big forehead, but he's got a beautiful smile and nice hair... They are just so WONDERFUL! HRNG!
I know, I know, NPH is gay, plus I'm probably never going to meet him (even though he's one of my role models)... But he's still wonderful and a great actor with some marvelous talent~ Felicia Day is funny, smart, intelligent, beautiful, AND nerdy! Too bad for me, she's straight. Even if I could meet her, I've got no chance! Grr.
That's alright though, I'm not overly obsessed, I just think they're cool and stuff~ I don't stalk their youtube, twitter, and facebook accounts or anything.
For the next bit of news...
I've been working out like a BEAST! So I'm well on my way to becoming the ultimate Pokemon Master, as my muscles are already visible~ I'm pretty impressed with myself! I spend an hour or two a day working out, and sometimes more along with a diet of high protein and low fat... AKA even though it's a diet, I'm eating about every 2 or 3 hours.
See! You don't need to stop eating to get healthy. If you stop eating there are 2 things that will happen. One, you'll get SCARY skinny. Not healthy skinny. Secondly, your heart will be digested away within a few months.
Sounds painful~
Anyways, the other day instead of doing my typical gym routine, I added a ton of stuff onto it! Instead of 15 minutes of cardio, I did 30. Instead of 3~6 sets of weight lifting awesome, I did 10 sets.
I'm pretty pumped, and I DEFINITELY hope that I can do even better!
Next up is my gaming news!
So my Rattata is way over-leveled and the challenge is boring now. I'm going to restart it with 3 Rattata and keep them all at the same level to up the challenge. Sooooon, my pretties~
Also, I'm planning a playthrough of LSD: Dream Emulator, which I tried to make earlier, but my recording software wouldn't pick up my voice. I'm going to retry at a later date.
MGQ part 2 is planned! It really is, I promise! I've been procrastinating and am having trouble getting my voice recorded well, hence the lack of playthroughs lately.
In other gaming news...
Which of these Pokemon challenges would you like to see me do~?
My favorites are the last 2, the Team Rocket run and the Wedlocke run, which is merely an altered form of the Nuzlocke run.
Next up...
So I'm a bit late with the trends, but I've been playing Plants vs Zombies, which I did get to play a little bit of back in high school. I always loved it, but never bought it. Well, now I have! I've been playing a lot, and I made a Zombatar! (That's a zombie avatar~)
He's a super adorable pirate-type tough guy. I dunno what he is, honestly... But I like 'im~

D'aww, just look at that cute face~
Want some funny pictures?
Well, you're in the RIGHT section~ Pokemon fusions will take up most of this section, but I'll throw in some other great stuff, too.
I hope you all enjoyed my picture spam as much as I did~
For all you 18+ perverts out there,
Here's Aggroe's HTD!
This is based off of the visual novel series Corpse Party Musume. Enjoy your lolis!
Next up is the daily dose of Japan!
Pronounced: "oh-mee-yah-geh"
Romanized as "omiyage"

This word means "souvenir" or "present", and you always want to get one for everyone in your family and everyone close. Even just spending a dollar on a trinket. The reason is that in Japan, souvenirs are not optional. They will oftentimes bring gifts for their host families while traveling, and when I went to Japan, I brought some stuff from America for my host family to be polite. It's never something you can skimp on in Japan~
Well, you certainly CAN, but that might get you off on the wrong foot with your host family.
Tomorrow, I'll be posting a video I made which should be exciting! WHEE!
Good night everyone, and sweet dreams~