Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We're Back! And Better Than Ever~

Yoooo everyone!
So I know, we've kind of been on a hiatus-type thing. I was kind of dealing with some personal stuff like finding myself and shit, and Anemone was away at her parents' house.
Despite all that, we're back! I have quite a bit to talk about, so I'll catch up on the challenge tomorrow. Oh don't worry, you perverts will get your HTD, and all the otakus out there will get your daily dose of Japan~
So the first bit of news:
Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely ADORE the movie Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It was a part of my childhood, and I would watch it on Netflix whenever I was bored, lonely, sad, angry, whatever! As a result, I'm a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day! I'm also a huge fan of the show The Guild, which Felicia stars in. So this might be old news, but apparently, they are going to start filming Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 2 very soon! I'm dying a bit inside out of happiness and sheer joy! This is the only musical besides Repo The Genetic Opera and White Christmas that I actually enjoy~ I'm looking forward to this more than I care to admit~~
Here's the link for more details on DH2~

Alright, so normally I don't give a shit about celebrities... But Felicia Day is beautiful and nerdy and just fun in general~ Neil Patrick Harris might have a big forehead, but he's got a beautiful smile and nice hair... They are just so WONDERFUL! HRNG!
I know, I know, NPH is gay, plus I'm probably never going to meet him (even though he's one of my role models)... But he's still wonderful and a great actor with some marvelous talent~ Felicia Day is funny, smart, intelligent, beautiful, AND nerdy! Too bad for me, she's straight. Even if I could meet her, I've got no chance! Grr.
That's alright though, I'm not overly obsessed, I just think they're cool and stuff~ I don't stalk their youtube, twitter, and facebook accounts or anything.
For the next bit of news...
I've been working out like a BEAST! So I'm well on my way to becoming the ultimate Pokemon Master, as my muscles are already visible~ I'm pretty impressed with myself! I spend an hour or two a day working out, and sometimes more along with a diet of high protein and low fat... AKA even though it's a diet, I'm eating about every 2 or 3 hours.
See! You don't need to stop eating to get healthy. If you stop eating there are 2 things that will happen. One, you'll get SCARY skinny. Not healthy skinny. Secondly, your heart will be digested away within a few months.
Sounds painful~
Anyways, the other day instead of doing my typical gym routine, I added a ton of stuff onto it! Instead of 15 minutes of cardio, I did 30. Instead of 3~6 sets of weight lifting awesome, I did 10 sets.
I'm pretty pumped, and I DEFINITELY hope that I can do even better!
Next up is my gaming news!
So my Rattata is way over-leveled and the challenge is boring now. I'm going to restart it with 3 Rattata and keep them all at the same level to up the challenge. Sooooon, my pretties~
Also, I'm planning a playthrough of LSD: Dream Emulator, which I tried to make earlier, but my recording software wouldn't pick up my voice. I'm going to retry at a later date.
MGQ part 2 is planned! It really is, I promise! I've been procrastinating and am having trouble getting my voice recorded well, hence the lack of playthroughs lately.
In other gaming news...
Which of these Pokemon challenges would you like to see me do~?
My favorites are the last 2, the Team Rocket run and the Wedlocke run, which is merely an altered form of the Nuzlocke run.
Next up...
So I'm a bit late with the trends, but I've been playing Plants vs Zombies, which I did get to play a little bit of back in high school. I always loved it, but never bought it. Well, now I have! I've been playing a lot, and I made a Zombatar! (That's a zombie avatar~)
He's a super adorable pirate-type tough guy. I dunno what he is, honestly... But I like 'im~

D'aww, just look at that cute face~
Want some funny pictures?
Well, you're in the RIGHT section~ Pokemon fusions will take up most of this section, but I'll throw in some other great stuff, too.
I hope you all enjoyed my picture spam as much as I did~
For all you 18+ perverts out there,
Here's Aggroe's HTD!
This is based off of the visual novel series Corpse Party Musume. Enjoy your lolis!
Next up is the daily dose of Japan!
Pronounced: "oh-mee-yah-geh"
Romanized as "omiyage"

This word means "souvenir" or "present", and you always want to get one for everyone in your family and everyone close. Even just spending a dollar on a trinket. The reason is that in Japan, souvenirs are not optional. They will oftentimes bring gifts for their host families while traveling, and when I went to Japan, I brought some stuff from America for my host family to be polite. It's never something you can skimp on in Japan~
Well, you certainly CAN, but that might get you off on the wrong foot with your host family.
Tomorrow, I'll be posting a video I made which should be exciting! WHEE!
Good night everyone, and sweet dreams~

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