Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Cutest Video Game Hero Lives in the Cutest Minecraft House

Good Evening Everyone!
Apologies for the minor absence. I've been doing testing for school recently! I've decided to go to college to become a nurse and take some journalism classes! Wish me luck! Anyways, here is your dose of awesomeness for the day!

~Geeky Babble~

I have talked about how I am reading the Hunger Games trilogy. Well I recently saw Catching Fire with my boyfriend for Valentines day. (I know, I'm a bit behind). I'm going to give it a 10 out of 10. I just about died. Now I'm not really the person to cry at movies, but I bawled at this one!
All hell let loose in my tear ducts when Mag walked into the fog. When I hear "Catching Fire" that is the first scene that comes to mind. (It may have hurt a lot because I have a serious crush on Finnick and the actor was smoking). To watch her walk into the smoke was like watching puppies commit suicide. I have a soft spot in my heart for elderly.
I also just about died when Katniss gave her speech for Rue in district 11. I personally would have just kept going with the speeches even after the man was killed. I mean we all knew the riots were going to break out anyways. 
I'm almost too scared to read Catching Fire after that especially when others are telling me that the book is much more intense than the movie. I believe it too! The first book was intense!
Also on Valentines day my boyfriend was more than amazing enough to create a cute little house for me in minecraft since I've recently gotten into it. I love adorable things like that and by the looks of the house he knows me way too well. Check it out~

 This is the very front of the cute little house that he made for me. You can see the garden on one side and epic roller coaster on the other! AND IT'S PINK! I think the roof makes it look like a cake too. Too cute!

 The inside of the front door. The rugs around the beds and lanterns around the doors are shaped like hearts! Everything is pink and red and white too! Plus it's really bright and glows!

 Water slide and pool, and I'm standing on the diving board. Way too cute!

 He had also made the most adorable garden with a giant fountain in the center! It's surrounded with roses! I'm allergic to flowers but he still managed to get me "flowers" on Valentines day. Little sneak~

 Riding on the roller coaster he typed I love you in the sky and my name as well! It also glows in the dark! (There is glow stone in the middle of the letters and heart).
This is probably the most creative and adorable way to show someone you love them on Valentines day! Too cute!


Day 11: Hero's (My) Main Goal

I believe my main should be to travel the world and stop evil and fight crimes! I know, I know that's pretty cliche. I would like to go undercover as a normal girl and then travel the world and fight crime secretly. Pretty much the female version of Superman!

Day 12: Story Line

Evil villain Cat Woman, my arch nemesis has captured my boyfriend and hid him somewhere around the world. So I have to go continent to continent fighting evil minions and searching for him. Talk about a major cat fight! (See what I did there).

Day 13: Villain's Goal

To destroy the worlds most powerful undercover superhero (me) by capturing her boyfriend for her evil twisted plots!

Day 14: Outfit

I'm going to be honest here. Lollipop Chainsaw pink skin suit. It's sexy as hell and super adorable. I would totally wear that around in public if it were socially acceptable!

Day 15: Vehicle

Princess peaches motorcycle from Mario Kart. In case you haven't caught on yet, I'm aiming a bit for a super duper adorable super hero. A super hero so cute and girly that comic book writers would be embarrassed of~

So I've decided for a fun project that I will write a short story about my video game once I'm finished with this months challenges! 

Anemone's Geeky Find!

To be quite honest I haven't been doing much "geeky" stuff recently other than revisiting some of my absolute favorite PS2 games. I grew up with the PS2, in fact my parents bought the game console for my sisters and I before we even got a computer. I loved Spyro Enter the Dragonfly, Egg Tetris, I even had a few Spongebob games that I would play! Mostly I remember in elementary school I had an obsession with the game Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. I had a friend in my 3rd grade class. He would always talk to me about his pokemon games and I would tell him all about Ty. I'm serious when I say obsessed.
I never actually finished the game because it was too difficult for me in elementary school. (I did watch my mom finish the game though). I decided to revisit the game and beat it! I spent about 3 days on it now (I've had a lot of shit to do to so don't give me crap for spending so long on a video game)!
Now that I've given you the back story I recently found out that there is a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 and 3! The best part is that they're sold at a game store near where I live! It looks like I found myself a new goal! It may not be the most exciting geeky find but this is pure gold to me. Who knows! Maybe even some of you guys didn't know that!

Question of the Day~
What game console did you grow up with (if you grew up with one) and what was your favorite game? 
I'm pretty sure that the PS2 is stil my favorite console to this day! What can I saw? I'm a sucker for cartoon and animal games!

Hentai! (18+)
Ending the night with everyone's favorite segment Hentai! I'm a bit of an incest nut and cute/vanilla stories! If you totally get me then you're going to enjoy this! It's called My Cute Little Sister Book and it's a very short story (I like the shorter one's better anyways). It's also pretty cute! It doesn't focus on the whole incest part so even if you're not into incest but you like the cuter stories then give it a read!

That's all for today everyone! Answer the QOTD down below in the comments, request us some of your favorite games, anime, comics, etc! Check out our youtube channel and have an EPIC DAY!
Anemone <3

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