Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Insomnia cures and cute sleeping anime characters~!

Yooooooooooo everyone! If I'm a bit weird tonight, I'm sorry... I came down with a cold boo. Still went to the gym, and will tomorrow, but I feel like shit~
Besides sleeping, I played some Pokemon XD (the sequel to Pokemon Colosseum) and some more Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
And then I slept.

But more importantly, I have something that's not super nerdy, but it's pretty useful to most people! Reading a bit of Stephen King's novel Insomnia made me think of it~ Now, I suffered from nightmares as a kid, and then at one point I had the worst nightmare I've ever had and woke up mid-panic attack AND mid-REM sleep. After that, well, sleep didn't come too easily, as you can imagine.
I've tried almost everything in the book, and finally, now that I'm an adult, I've found what works for me! I'll post those along with some common remedies that you may have already heard of.
Folk Remedy #1: A glass of warm milk.
This worked when I was younger, but not as I grew older. It doesn't have to be milk, either. Something warm like hot chocolate (low sugar), soothing tea, or maybe decaffeinated coffee!
Folk Remedy #2: Relax with a book before bed.
This never worked for me, as I would always have to get up and turn the lights off... That usually snaps me out of the relaxed state. It does work for a lot of people, though. Try it with your favorite manga or hentai!
Folk Remedy #3: Sleeping pills.
These sure as hell put me to sleep, and KEPT me asleep... But that was the problem. See, they also typically make your dreams more intense, more real, and I have chronic nightmares. Bad combo. These nightmares would be suck in my head for weeks, and the anxiety of falling asleep would make restfulness and relaxation impossible! But if you don't have any issues with nightmares, talk to your doctor and see what they recommend~
Aggroe's Recommendation #1: Exercise.
This is one you hear from people a lot, but it does work. Especially if you work out at night, even just 10 push-ups before bed. It helps to get rid of excess energy, and keeps your mind from focusing on the anxiety.
I might as well mention it here, if you're over 18, sex is a great pre-bedtime exercise! If you're under 18, I don't recommend sex simply because your brain is still developing, and no matter what you hear, altering the brain in the way that sex does is not good for young brains.
Aggroe's Recommendation #2: Turn off the screens!
I used to listen to music on my laptop while sleeping, then I took some facts to my brain. The music was great, Jack Johnson, Blue October, and Kevin Kern really helped me sleep~ Except...I woke up multiple times throughout the night, and had horrific nightmares! Moral of the story - turn off your laptop screen, your tv, and any other kind of screen! These types of light sources will mess with your brain waves, and make it nearly impossible to fall into deep sleep and/or REM sleep. If you're afraid of the dark, I recommend a blacklight~ To keep the screens off but the music on, Anemone and I use her iPod, face down and speaker up~
Aggroe's Recommendation #3: Lay down and clear your mind.
The other two help me a lot more, but this helps me to actually fall asleep as opposed to staying asleep. Lay down, and empty your mind of your worries, your fears. Don't let your mind control you. If you want to meditate, listen to calming music, pray silently, whatever. Just don't think of anything other than the moment. No bills, no school, no wondering about the future.
This can be difficult, but it's important if the problem you have, like me, lies in soothing the anxiety. Anxiety related to anything, nightmares, the past, or the future. Whatever. Promise that you'll take care of it tomorrow, but NOTHING good will come from not sleeping! In fact, you can't do anything about it so late, and you won't help yourself tomorrow by worrying into the wee hours in the morning.
I know a lot of those seem cheesy, but they do work! Try them out, and see what you think~
I don't have any good cures for nightmares yet, still figuring that out... But having the screens off really helps with that~
I'm unpoplar, so I'll do today's challenge~
Day 22: Technology (non mecha)
I would pick Momo's laptop from To-Love Ru: Darkness.

So this laptop does a LOT of things~ One of the cool features - The only one I've seen so far, in fact - is that it produces something that makes an impenetrable barrier! You can see that thing circled in blue in the second screenshot~
Beautiful, right~? I love this to death~
Now it's the time you've been waiting for~
Aggroe's HTD! YAY! Celebrate, all you little perverts!

Now this one is aimed more towards women (I guess) as it features an Incubus. It's one of the only 4 or 5 I've found with Incubi, which is kind of insulting. I mean, women like hentai, too! But men can enjoy this one, too~ The girl's facial expressions are beautiful, and she DOESN'T seem like she's being raped in this one! Plus, I really like the art.
The major downside in my mind is that the Incubus looks like a kid, and unless is Monster Girl Quest, I'm not a fan of shota stuff.

That's it for today! Turn those computer screens off, and get a good night's sleep~ I know I will!
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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