Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yo everyone, Aggroe here! I just finished my Amnesia playthrough video... Check it out here~ It should be up and working, so yay!
Now for the challenge~
Day 16: Which Anime Character Would I Kill...
I know this will sound weird, but I'd probably kill Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight.
I'm not gonna lie, this dude is hot. I like his eye color, especially... BUT HIS ATTITUDE PISSES ME OFF! This day was hard at first because I couldn't think of a character I hated enough to kill, but then I ended up having trouble with which angsty dude to pick! They piss me off to no end!! Oh, boo hoo, your life sucks... Well guess what, EVERYONE'S life sucks! Get over yourself and smile for once!
You'd be a hell of a lot sexier if you worked your sadness out at the gym and learned to smile once in a while!
Let me note that I have no problem with men who cry. In fact, I think it takes bravery in a world where society says "no, you can't do that" to turn around and do it anyways.
But by being this depressed about things you can't change only makes you feel worse, and I honestly have little to no compassion for whiners.
On a happier 18+ ONLY note, a friend (a very close friend) sent me the site where he gets all of his hentai. I want to share it with all you pervy adults~ The art on some of these doujins is GREAT! A lot of them have little to no storyline, but that's alright... No one's here for the storyline. The storylines are awesome, too~!
This bit is about my fitness goals, and how I'm adding my own, fun twist to them~
First, I want to be able to beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a race! I need to get not only fit, but also fast~
Gotta go fast~
Secondly, I want to be able to jump as high as Mario and Luigi can!
Maybe even save a princess or two...~
I just hope she's not in another castle...
Third, I want to punch as hard as Knuckles! One hit KO! Bam!
Hopefully my anger won't flare up...
And finally, my ultimate goal... The one thing I hopped for growing up. It never happened, but one day... One day, if I work hard, and believe in myself, this... This will happen...~
I will become a legendary Pokemon trainer! One day, all the aspiring trainers will look forward to the day they challenge me, Legendary Trainer Aggroe! That... That is what I strive for, everyday!
It's why I wake up before 10 am to weight train.
It's why I play through every single Pokemon game, over and over.
It's why I collect cards.
After all, in order to become a legend...

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