Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello Everyone!
So I've got some awesome new stuff going on at the moment!
First off sharing a few of the shows I'm watching! This season I am continuing Nagi no Asukara, Golden Time, and Kill La Kill that I have mentioned in an earlier post. If you don't remember any of these or want to see the post then just click the link below!
These 3 are still ongoing anime and I am excited that they are starting up again!

A few other new anime that I am starting are D-Frag! and Witch Craft Works!
D-Frag! is about a boy named Kenji that somehow ends up in a game creation club... In the most terrifying way with four psychotic girls. This anime freaked me out and I'm still going to watch it because it's HILARIOUS. And what I mean by 'freak me out' well... just watch it.
Watch D-Frag! Here

Witch Craft Works is an anime about a boy who is saved by a witch and ends up going to a school with several witches that are out to get him! Yikes! I liked the first episode so I'll keep watching it. Again, another anime filled with INSANE girls.
Watch Witch Craft Works Here

Also for those of you who are new we have a poll every week! This week the question was:
Who Is Your Favorite Pony?
The winner is Rainbow Dash!

If you want to vote on our next question look under the blog archives on the right side of the page!
This weeks question is.....
Pick a Pokemon Starter!
Who's it going to be. I've recently posted about how I just started playing Pokemon Fire Red for my first time. Pick one of the three pokemon for me to start a playthrough game with! Who do you want to see go on one of my first ever pokemon journeys!?
have fun :D

Speaking of questions onto the last few days challenges!

Day 7: Your Anime Girlfriend?

I would want my girlfriend to be Kaga-san from Golden Time. She would always know where I am, what I am doing, who I am with, and what I want. She's always be by my side and know everything about me. As creepy as that seems to others I think I would totally LOVE HER!

Day 8: Pet?

To be quite honest I would want a pokemon as a pet. Preferably Charmander! Charzard was my favorite in the anime because he was too sassy to be bossed around my Ash... So he just didn't listen to him. It was hilarious. I would choose Jiggly Puff except that I sleep to much anyways! My third choice would be Pikachu because pikachu would just be my best friend forever XD

Aggroe found this amazing, disturbing picture of Jiggly Puff~ Thank her later XD
Also if anyone wants to annomonously ask questions about us, our blog, or anything, or to even comment go ahead and do so on this link here: Ask Anemone~
I know that I'm probably forgeting something but anyways Aggroe and I will be posting our new cosplay videos AND a Truth or Dare for you all this weekend! So keep checking up!
Anemone <3

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