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Folklore, and why Aggroe shouldn't be allowed on Youtube~

Yo everyone! This should be a pretty fun post, as I'll be discussing some of the folklore behind incubi and succubi, not to mention doing a secret challenge~
First off, today's challenge! (and yesterday's since I'm lame)
Day 27: House!
Honestly, I would choose to live in Kyouya Ootoori's house, from Ouran High School Host Club.
I don't like the character much, but I like the modern feel of that mansion. It's just so beautiful~ Plus, I could just hide there, since it's so huge they'd probably never know!... Hopefully. It's so gorgeous! Plus, it's in Japan, so I could do exploring and stuff~
Day 28: School you'd attend
I feel bad for posting two things from one anime, and even worse that it's in the same post, but...
Probably Ouran Academy.
Now please don't get me wrong, I don't give a shit about being rich! I also dislike the color pink! But... This school's huge, and it seems like it's never boring~ There's always something going on! It would always be exciting, plus there are so many interesting people to meet~
For all you 18+ perverts in the audience, it's time for...
Aggroe's HTD!

It fits tonight, because there's a Succubus! Whoo! I told you, I love monster girls~ Once you find out more about Succubus lore, you'll find out that even though they are a great idea, they... well, like any demon, they're dangerous.
Anyways, I had fun reading this~ It's in color, I really like the art style, and the succubus is pretty damn adorable~

And now, for the daily dose of Japan!
夢魔 (むま)
Romanized as "muma".
Pronounced "moo-ma".
This word can refer to either a nightmare, or a demon who appears in one's dreams, which in Japanese lore, fits with Succubi and Incubi. More about them will be explained later~
Now, for one part of the fun!
I found this story on Creepypasta, obviously, and it gave me an idea...! Now, I've been to the weird part of Youtube, many times... And in my opinion, there are two different types of the "weird part of Youtube" That would be A) Scary/creepy/fucked up and B)Sexual/not safe for work (nsfw)... I'm aiming for the scary side~ I mean, the Creepypasta promised me a snuff film!
Basically what Anemone and I are doing is finding a video, watching it, then clicking on the most messed up suggestion. I'll be starting with one I've never seen~
1. Very creepy disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV It's kind of strange, but really interesting~ Thought provoking...~
2. 10 Disturbing Childhood Experiments This one was messed up... I mean, a few of these I've heard of before, and the one about "Little Albert"... That wasn't exactly what they did. Still, dark stuff.
3. Love Automatic - NIGHTMARE This is actually a music video, but it's really freaky. I don't quite know what I just watched... But I have a new favorite band, yay~
4. Teddy's Nightmare (2007) This is a pretty disturbing short film.
5. Smile -Scary Animation Oh gods why did I watch that... *dies a little inside* It feels like my soul was just raped by clowns.
6. Behind Closed Doors - Remember, there's no such thing as monsters~ No... That's alright... Didn't want to sleep anyways...
7. The Dummy (1982) This one's not as messed up as the last two...~
8. Alone This is another short horror film~ Not my favorite, but still kinda creepy... only a bit cliche.
9. Victim Yet another short horror film. The ambiance is creepy, but it's not really scar- HOLY FUCK NO! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?! *curls up into fetal position* *cries a lot*
10. Porcelain Rising Dolls... WHY IS IT ALWAYS DOLLS!?!?
So that's my 10~ Vote on the creepiest or on your favorite~! But I didn't find a snuff film, not even a fake one! I don't quite know whether to be disappointed or relieved...
Finally, some folklore... If you guys don't mind a really long post~
This isn't really 18+, but do read with discretion please~ If you're under 15 or 16, I wouldn't recommend reading this, though of course, it's your call~
First, I'll talk a bit about what they are. A succubus is the female manifestation, and incubus is the male counterpart. Basically, they are demons that feed off of one's life energy through sexual intercourse. Oftentimes, the males are thought to try and make human women pregnant, to create unholy half human half demon babies. A commonly accepted belief nowadays is that incubi and succubi are the same creatures, but they change sex based on their target. They kill humans by having sex with them, but the catch is, they can only get their food if the human enjoys it... Idiots who believe in the existence of these creatures often try to summon them, but there are quite a few reasons why that's a bad idea. Some claim that these demons are relatively harmless, unless there's a lot of them, or the victim is particularly weak or ill. I wouldn't mess around with demons, though...
This lore originally began in the Dark Ages, I believe, and it was a Christian/Catholic idea. Basically, it was an idea created because sex was considered "bad" or "evil", so those who experienced wet dreams or unexplainable lust could blame it on a demon, visiting them in the night.
In Japanese lore, they only visit people in dreams.
Also, they are incorporeal, having no form in the real world. They can also manipulate how they look, changing form based on their target. Again, that's similar to the sex swapping.
Nowadays, they are seen as sexy, beautiful, and more attractive than any human. But the fact of the matter is, the real way they look is terrifying. It's true that they don't have a form in OUR world, but in the dimension they exist in, hell or whatever you want to call it, they have the form of a hideous monstrosity. Also, if they are hungry enough, they will do whatever it takes to eat, which means RAEP TIME! They can tell almost instantly what turns a person on, therefore the rape will be physically pleasant, even if you hate it mentally and emotionally.
Succubi are not as aggressive as their male counterparts, but that doesn't mean that they won't force you to feed them. They may tempt you, and if that doesn't work, well... How do you feel about femdom? They're into that shit.

Incubi are... aggressive. They will hurt you in the process of eating, no matter what. They might not kill you, but you will wake up sore the next morning. Even if the girl isn't into that, there are ways around it for these bastards. Like I said, they know about every one of your weak spots.

Both variations are sneaky, and just like humans, some are more intelligent that others. The smarter ones may return to a single human for food everytime without killing them, or even making them too much weaker...
So, are they real?
Well, I've never met one, so I don't know. But just because I've never met one doesn't mean they don't exist. Ever heard of Schrodinger's Cat? It's like that, I don't know. It both exists and doesn't exist at the same time, until there is proof one way or another.

That being said, I do believe that some people use their minds to unintentionally create experiences that SEEM to be an attack by an incubus or succubus.
The human mind is a dangerous thing...
I guess that's about it for tonight...~
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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