Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nerdy music and Aggroe's random stuff~

Yo everyone! Aggroe here!
Today, I wanted to list some of my favorite things recently. Namely music, since I covered anime~
As far as music goes...
1. Ken Ashcorp
This guy is a nerdy musical genius! And, as Anemone says, "his voice sounds like an orgasm!" I dunno if I agree with that persay, but he's definitely interesting and his music's fun to dance and hula hoop to~ It's great for road trips, too!
His panda persona is named Kenny, apparently, and is super cute! URGH SO CUTE! Anyways, he has music about League of Legends, Pokemon, Katawa Shoujo, and basically fun games and other fun things~
2.. Starbomb
I'm unsure about whether or not this is the band that is formed when "Egorapter" and "Ninja Sex Party" make a song together, or if it's the name of the album, but they are hilarious! They will ruin everything you ever loved as a child like Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic, and even Kirby! NOTHING IS SAFE!
Their sense of humor, however, isn't for everyone... It's a bit vulgar and blunt...~ I don't mind it of course, I think it's HILARIOUS! But still some people don't like that, I understand~
My favorite song is probably "It's Dangerous to go Alone"... Haha... So fun~
3. Jenna Marbles
Alright, before you yell at me for including her on this list when her music isn't nerdy, this list is comedy bands that I like... And she's hilarious~ Again, pretty adult... But she's funny, and isn't afraid to make fun of herself, others, and society. Plus, she's intelligent! That's always a plus~
As long as you take is as satire and comedy, she's pretty funny~
That's what I've been listening to recently that relates to the blog, anyways, and you should definitely check them out~
January challenge!
Day 13: Opening Theme!
This one's tricky. Does it mean the theme that describes my life the best, or the theme I like the best? Well, I guess I'll do both, since I CAN~!
1. The describer:
This would probably be WataMote's opening theme.
I've heard it described as being how she views herself, whereas the ending is how she actually is, or how society views her... I think the symbolism in the opening is powerful, she breaks free from society's chains~! XD
I live my life how I want to, and say fuck society~ I will be myself, and if you don't like it, too bad! I won't change for you~!
Plus it's Japanese screamo, who DOESN'T love that??
2. The favorite:
This one would be the theme song to Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei's OP.
I love how it flows... So beautiful~
That's about it, I guess...~ Don't forget to check out my ask, and ask some questions~ You can ask anonymously, so don't worry about me finding out who you are~
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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