Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hunger Games and a LOT of muscles!

Hello Everyone!
Anemone here! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was having one of those bad off days. Aggroe let it slide~ So I've never been good at shooter games..... or zombie games either because I am terrified of them >.> Today I played Left4Dead 2 with my boyfriend. Of course he totally kicked my butt, but I killed 65 zombies!! (This is a big deal for me because I suck... >.>) Which is DOUBLE the last score I got.
I don't know if that's something to brag about but whatever. I'm proud!
Also Aggroe made me something very sweet today! I have horrible nightmares and night terrors (I also have sleep paralysis) so sometimes I have a lot of trouble sleeping. We wake up early to go to the gym and I'm usually in a pretty bad/groggy mood when I wake up.
So today she made me a dream pouch! It's basically a small bag of herbs (sage, rosemary, and sea salt) with an amethyst in it. I put it under my pillow and think nice thoughts before I go to sleep and It's supposed to help me control my bad dreams and give me good ones! I'm pretty excited about it actually.
I'll let you guys know what kind of awesome dreams I have tonight, tomorrow!
Anyways enough about my random things! ^^" Let's get onto the nerdy-ness shall we!?
This last week I've recently been reading the Hunger Games. My sister loaned me all 3 books to read! I'm a very slow reader and my goal is 52 books in a year. Though I've read almost 1 book in a month. (I may be a tad bit dyslexic 0.o) I read and write very slowly.
Anyways! Hunger Games! I am loving this book. In fact the movie is NOTHING compared to the book! I watched the first one when it first came out to theatres. I thought it was kinda sad and had a good story but it had very little character connection or growth. The book fills in all of those missing gaps for me! I see Gale as a totally different person than who I saw him as in the movies. 
Most of the time when you watch a movie before reading the books you see the characters as the ones from the movie right? That's not happening here. I see Kattnis with darker olive skin, very thin, dark blackish hair. Whereas in the movie she has white skin and brown hair. 
So far I'm really enjoying this book! For anyone who loves the Hunger Games movies or just needs a good book to read I definitely recommend it!

Day 26- Place to Live:

If I were to live in any anime universe I would choose the anime Kill la Kill! I'd get an amazing school uniform with super powers and I could be as half naked, lewd, and freaking weird as I wanted to and I wouldn't even stand out. I'd be considered a normal human being. 
I'd also totally go after Tsumugu because that sewing machine gun though ;)

Day 27- House You'd Live In:

I would for sure without a doubt choose to live in the house from Brothers Conflict. Giant mansion filled with hot boys my age? Yes please! Do I even need to explain why I'd choose this house? 

Here is my Hentai of the Day! or HTD. I'm usually not a fan of futanari or weird, messed up things, but I just found this one HILARIOUS! It's pretty great actually. Pretty messed up but pretty great. It is a longer one but it consists of several short stories. So Enjoy!
The Muscle Resort

Anyways that is all for tonight! Thank's for reading! Aggroe and I have a bit of a surprise challenge tomorrow! We'll also be posting earlier in the day! Goodnight!
Anemone <3

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