Friday, January 31, 2014

Blowing Up Children!

Evening Everyone!
It's technically my morning since I just woke up from a 6 hour nap. I was out and about pretty much all morning.
So the other day I found a hilarious video about a Stay in School ad. I recommend watching it just because it's kind of hilarious.
Set Yourself Free
1. Who uses paper maps?
2. No one skips school by climbing out windows and over fences. They just leave.
3. Bomb site beach? Really?
I love this to death because of how ridiculous it is! Watch it for yourself and share the craziness.

Anyways I'm still reading the Hunger Games. I'm still aiming towards reading 52 books in a year though I am a really slow reader. 
I'm really in love with it. The last post I talked about it I said I liked it a lot more than I did the movie. It's true! There is so much character connection in the book that isn't in the movie! There's much more of a back story in the books. You learn a lot about how Peeta and Katniss's relationship form. If you love the movie or even like it I would recommend reading the book for sure. It only gets better.


Day 31-Job!

I would want my anime job to be a Hero. I would love to be a hero. Now I know that's kind of vague, but I would be any kind of hero really. It wouldn't really matter to me if I got super hero powers. I'd be okay with a special weapon but I can't really think of an anime. Nothing really comes to mind. If anything I think of Luka from Monster Girl Quest. That isn't an anime but that's as close to my dream job description as I can get.

Actually if anyone I think I would chose to be a hero like Kirito from Sword Art Online. He reminds me a bit of Luka. He's a kid learning his way to do whats right and save people. Therefor I would want to be a hero like Kirito!

Next month we will be doing a video game challenge! Feel free to join us and post your answers on our facebook page!

It's time for anemone's hentai of the day!! Yay! I think we could all use a little hentai today. 
I really enjoy the anime Attack On Titan so this one is for you ErenXMikasa lovers! 
Baby Making Practice With Eren

That's all for today~ Remember kids. Stay in school ;)
Anemone <3

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