Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Challenges, Polls, and GEEKY FINDS!?

Good Evening everyone!
So my roommate made dinner and I must have been allergic to something in it because I got pretty sick. Then Aggroe forced me to the gym in which I nearly passed out because I skipped dinner. Now I'm sick to my stomach! I hope everyone's day went much better than mine!
Anyways let's get right into it!

This last week we asked you what video challenge you would like to see Aggroe and I do and you guys voted for the Blindfolded Makeup Challenge! This challenge will be posted next Saturday when we announce the winner for this next weeks poll! The question for this next weeks poll is:
Who Found The Freakiest Video On The Weird Part Of Youtube?
For those of you who don't know, Aggroe and I did a youtube challenge earlier this week. To read more about it and watch some of our freaky videos click the links below!
Aggroe's Youtube Challenge
Anemone's Youtube Challenge
Vote on who you think posted the creepiest video!
As for the last week's poll Tails was the winner and we had to draw him this week so here would be my drawing of tails if I didn't rage quit because he came out looking like a demented killer and I forgot to draw his tails.... I may try again tomorrow but as for now I quit. I'm done.
Here is my failed attempt....
What Tails is supposed to look like...
The monster that I drew.....

Challenge Time!
We created a new challenge for the month of February and decided to go with video games! This is Aggroe and Anemone's February video game challenge! Feel free to participate with us and post your answers in the comments or to our Facebook Page~! 

Day 1- Sidekick!

For a sidekick I would choose Granberia from Monster Girl Quest. Now she's not actually a side kick in the game, but she is one of the Monster Lords four heavenly knights. So she's pretty much a side kick to the Monster Lord. I think she would make the perfect side kick! She's bad ass and obedient, not to mention she's a monster! Granberia is my side kick!

It's everyone's favorite time of the day~ Anemone's hentai pick of the day! 
So I found a title that I just had to click on called The Beauty and the Bear. It was only 5 pages so I wasn't going to bother reading it but when I clicked on the first page it caught me way off guard! Children, animals, I mean.... Just. 5 pages of blow your mind and lose your shit. Enjoy the random freaky sex nightmare~ <3

So I have decided to add a new segment to my daily blogging routine called Anemone's Geeky Find of the Day! I'll basically just post things that I'm freaking out over, new geeky things I've been playing or watching, favorite pictures and videos, just things along those lines~ 
Let me know what you all think!
Anemone's Geeky Find of the Day!
I am a cosplayer, now I've never done a Lolita cosplay but I'm really interested in it! A lot of people were telling me that I would really enjoy Lolita since it's a very cutsie, dressy style. I really love the style! So a while ago a friend sent me a site to get cheap Lolita clothing and I just recently came across it again! 
The store is called Bodyline and they sell not only Lolita clothing but punk, cosplay, and much more! Their pretty unique so I'd give them a look!
I adore pink, fluffy, frilly things. This is probably my favorite dress on Bodyline! It's big and pink with HUGE bows!

I'm also pretty in love with this cotton candy colored floral Yukata! I had no idea what a Yukata was until I clicked on the link. I adore it.

They also have neat, cheap cosplays! They're not the highest looking quality and not very many options but they look great for first time cosplayers! I would personally stay away from their wigs. You can find much cheaper, high quality wigs elsewhere. I was going to put a link to the cosplays below but unfortunately it wasn't working. Luckily if you click the Bodyline link it's very easy to find. Click the big yellow cosplay button and it will take you right there!
Here are a few of my favorites!

QOTD: What is your favorite website to buy cosplay? 

I don't have any specific sites. In fact I prefer scrounging around different sites for the most high quality pieces to each cosplay I can find or I'll just make them myself! So I guess I'd choose the fabric store over anything! Post your comments down below!

That's it for tonight everyone! I hope you enjoyed the new poll and segments added! Have an amazing weekend! Also all you sports fans enjoy the super bowl! I won't be watching it but I hope it goes well! 
Anemone <3

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