Monday, February 17, 2014

Video Games and Video Games and Video Games!

Ello Everyone~
I've been at my parents house last weekend, a bit longer because we had a HUGE snow storm! We got about 3 feet of snow which is more than we've got in about 20 years. I also ended up getting really sick so I went back to my parents house for this weekend as well. Anyways, Anemone is back! Sorry to leave you hanging!
So I pretty much spent the weekend playing video games. I had to start over my Pokemon game due to my sister accidentally saved over my game. I'm not really the person to get upset over those kinds of things. I just started a new game and tried to improve. I actually ended up catching a Pikachu too which I missed at the beginning of the game. It's also really fun (a little repetitive) and I don't mind starting over. The only downside is now my sister is ahead of me, which isn't going to work for me!

I also played a game from my childhood! Spyro and Egg Tetris were a few of my favorite childhood play station 2 games. I ended up finding my favorite childhood game Ty the Tasmanian Tiger! You go through worlds fighting bad guys, collecting Thunder Eggs, and saving the world from Boss Cass! It's really fun and adventurous! There's a lot of mini games and stuff to do or you can just run around the world doing whatever you want. There's a lot to explore which I love! Plus you get to play as a cute, Tasmanian Tiger with a hilarious Australian accent. The phrases in this game are just hilarious to me. There are phrases like "Beauty bottle bonza I got it!" and I completely love it. This is why Play Station 2 will always be my favorite console.

I've got a lot to go through since I missed quite a few days! Whoops!
Day 5: Skill Set
Aggroe said she would help me with this one since I don't really play the kinds of games with skill sets. (The moment "character creation" comes up I pretty much lose all interest). Since I've been gone... forever. I'm just going to wing it!
1. Persuasion: The ability to persuade people to make deals with me and get what I want from them.
2. Adoring: The ability to get others to adore me and do hard tasks for me. 
3. Medicine: The ability to heal myself and others in my game. 
4. Cook: The ability to make a meal out of nearly anything even if trapped on a deserted island.
5. Quick Attacks: The ability to have ninja-like reflexes and attack people before they can even touch me.
As I said, I'm not really familiar with skill sets so give me a score on how well I did! 10 being 'GREAT!' and 1 being 'You're not even close'.

Day 6: Alignment
I would choose Chaotic Good. The character that means well but still makes mistakes and does things for themselves but still tries their best to be a good guy! This pretty much sums me up already so it fits near perfect for my video game character.

Day 7: Pokemon Moves
1. Sing: No one can ever tell me I'm a bad singer because they'd all be asleep.
2. Sing: If someone was ever fighting with me I could just sing and win the fight because they'd be asleep
3. Sing: You are now infatuated with me by my cuteness.
4. Sing: Fuck you, I'm Jigglypuff.

Day 8: Unique Ability
I would love the ability to breathe fire and ice like spyro. I don't think I need any fancy moves if I could just flame thrower people to death with my breathing. 

Day 9: Soundtrack
I would pick a few different songs from different bands, but to be honest I think that ANYTHING and pretty much EVERYTHING from Dragonforce would be on my video game soundtrack. Dragon force is seriously the most epic battle music... and journey music... and everything music. 
A Flame for Freedom- Dragonforce

Day 10:  Villain/ Enemy
I'd probably choose Catwoman from Injustice because she's my boyfriends favorite character, and I mean who doesn't love a good cat fight? ;)

Anemone's Geeky Find!

I've never been a big fan of Minecraft. Creative mode can get seriously boring for me and in survival mode I get pissed off when I keep dying and having to start over. My sisters showed me a few neat cheats and I've been playing it non stop for a few days now~
Cheat 1: /gamemode c or /gamemode s The 'S' and 'C' stand for Survival and Creative. Using this cheat can switch you back and forth from creative and survival which makes things much easier and more fun.
Cheat 2: /spawnpoint This lets you choose where you want to spawn when you die. When I die I spawn right back in my house!
Cheat 3: /gamerule keepInventory true This way when you die your stuff is still in your inventory. This is my favorite because I get upset when I loose everything when I die.
I will be sure to show you guys my Minecraft castle!

Question of the Day:
What was your favorite thing that you've ever built in Minecraft? What is it that you are totally proud of making!?
For me it would be my castle (It's pretty much the only thing I have ever built but I put an awesome amount of effort into it!) Answer down below or on our Facebook Page

I won't be posting a hentai tonight because I'm still sick and don't want to read one. Search the tag 'HTD' or Hentai of the Day' to see some of our older hentai posts. Goodnight Everyone!
Anemone <3

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