Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pokemon challenges, funny pictures, Skyrim, and TMNT!

Yo! Aggroe here~!
Tonight's post will be all about the interesting new things that I've been up to, and just random, fun stuff! I've had a strange day emotionally, so I kinda want to make this post all about the things that I enjoy, plus a mini rant or two~
First off, however...
It's the February Challenge!
Day 5: Skill Set
I feel like I have to explain this one a bit first. This would be 4 or 5 skills that your character would have the opportunity to level up. For example, the stealth skills in Skyrim!
So my character would have:
1. "Thief" skill set
This would include sneaking, pickpocketing, and lockpicking.
2. "Smooth Talker" skill set
All about the bribery, charisma, intimidation, and charm~ No one would be able to resist me with this fully leveled!
3. "Healing Magic" skill set

Magic, specifically for healing me in the heat of battle. Don't you just hate it when a red dragon leaps down, and you have no cleric or healer? Must rely on potions. This is one of the most useful types of skills in an RPG in my opinion~
4. "Adventurer" skill set
This would include abilities such as how to pitch a tent, or how to set up an inconspicuous fire. The higher the level is, the less likely it is that enemies will find your camp. Also, cooking requires less ingredients with a higher success rate as the level increases~
5. "Melee Weapon" skill set
A necessity for any adventurer! Some kind of attack is necessary, and I've always preferred melee weapons to ranged. Plus, the higher the level, the more damage you can do with a simple stick! An exaggeration, I know, but it's still a useful set of skills to have~
Since there was no really related picture, I'll post this gorgeous picture from one of my favorite RPGs~
Huh? You don't think it's gorgeous? *shrugs* Meh. I like it~
~~~Now it's time to let your inner pervert shine~ (18+ only please!!)
Aggroe's HTD!
So this one kind of screwed my childhood over. It's an Ouran High School Host Club doujinshi. If it weren't from OHSHC, I'd enjoy it a lot~ But... I just can't get into it. Anyways, if anyone's ever fantasized about Haruhi in a bunny suit, then this is the hentai for you!
Now, for the daily dose of Japan!
好き vs 大好き vs 愛している
These three words, in order, are pronounced "soo-kee", "dah-ee-soo-kee", and "ah-ee-shee-teh-roo".
For those of you who do know a bit of Japanese, you may recognize that these all mean "love". So why pit three words against each other when they all mean the same thing? Well, because they all have different connotations, or inferred/implied meanings.
#1 means "I love you", and can be used towards friends, family, and lovers, or when admitting your feelings for someone.

#2 means "I really really love you", and it's used specifically for childhood friends (rarely) and for your lover/boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe parents, but be careful how you say it and the context.
#3 means "You are my soulmate and I want to spend the rest of my life with you", and this is reserved for the one special someone whom you love unconditionally. Most people never use this word in their entire life, but it does exist and can be used... Though you might scare someone away if you use it too early in a relationship. Did I say might? You WILL scare them away~

First off, Anemone made me watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I'll admit it was my first time watching it. I watch the 2012 version with her, as that's her favorite. It was so wonderful~ I just... Mikey and Donny are my favorites~ I love that Mikey has FRECKLES! How!? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!?! Then I had a realization. They're 15 year old mutants. 15 year old mutant turtles. Who are learning Japanese and Ninja-ness from a giant mutant rat who was once a human. And they eat pizza.
And Michaelangelo's FRECKLES are what I"m questioning?
Anyways, it's beautiful~ You can watch it in the links below!
TMNT 2012
TMNT 2003
The next thing I want to talk about is my Pokemon challenge that I will be attempting starting tomorrow! So when I was younger, I actually had trouble getting my Pokemon high enough to beat the Elite 4. Now that I've learned the secrets of grinding, EV training, EXP share, and various other methods, it's not nearly as difficult for me! And with Anemone playing Pokemon Firered every day, I'm getting a bit jealous~ I miss my training days, and I really want to play some more! So in order to up the difficulty, I looked up some gameplay challenges online~ I decided on a fairly easy, yet really entertaining challenge and changed up the rules a bit.
Youngster Joey Challenge!
1. Your character's name MUST be Joey. No exceptions!
2. You have to wear shorts when playing, every time!
3. Every new town you hit, you must call someone randomly on your phone- in real life- and tell them about how you have a Rattata in the top percentage of Rattata!
4. You may only use a Rattata, and only one, in battles.
5. You are allowed, and will need, HM slaves to navigate the Overworld. HOWEVER, using them in battle is FORBIDDEN!
6. You can't evolve Rattata.
7. You may EV train Rattata and teach it TMs and HMs. Remember, your goal is a Rattata in the top percentage!
In the beginning of the game, you can use your starter until you are able to catch a Rattata. This means that as soon as you get Pokeballs, you MUST go to the first area of the game and catch one ASAP, otherwise the challenge doesn't count!
I'm going to start this tomorrow, feel free to try it with me if you'd like~
Also, fitness-wise, I'm pretty proud of myself~
I've actually gained weight, unfortunately... Yet, IT'S ALL ROCK HARD MUSCLE! FUCK YEAH! I'm really proud that I've stuck with this~ I have a lot more energy, I'm not as depressed or lonely anymore, and I can now lift about 25~30 lbs at the gym! That's some great improvement in just 4 weeks~
So happy!
I'm starting school back up in March/April, and am taking some pretty fun classes~ I might talk a lot about what I'm learning in that time, because I'm really passionate about school. I dunno why, but I LOVE learning about neurons, and how the human brain works~ It's all so interesting!
I feel like posting some of my favorite funny pictures, so here are a few from my collection~
So people probably often wonder why I LOVE cross dressing and cross dressers. I guess it was thanks to these two. I mean, try and name a better way of defying gender roles than what these two did~
 So I don't really want to Pokespam you guys, but these just... I just love them~~
 ...Go home, Entei. You're drunk.
This one isn't really funny, but I absolutely adore certain crossovers~ I'd really like to see a fight between Mario and Raph! Who would win~?
If Anemone gets me any V-day card other than that Mikey card, I'll be very sad...~
 The way to discover an item's effects in The Elder Scrolls V can be brutal...~
 The stupidity of thugs and bandits knows no bounds!
 ...I have no words for how beautiful this is~
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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