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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day: The Fun NERDY Way!

Hello everyone, Aggroe here!
So tonight, I really want to talk about my views on Valentine's Day! Of course, that'll be after everything else~ But anyways, look forward to it! I'll be posting my next translation tomorrow, and my playthrough of Monster Girl Quest part 2 will be up soon. Also, I'll be doing Katawa Shoujo part 3 soon~ Enjoy!
So first, it's time for...
Day 2: Weapon!
My weapon would probably be Krystal's staff from Starfox Adventures! (Well... Fox uses it more than her. Meh. Still hers~)

Now I know, this game wasn't the best Starfox game... But it was my childhood, and as a 10 year old, my dream was to own this staff~ It functions like a bo staff, which I have training in, and it also shoots projectiles.
I'm going to assemble one of these and put together a Fox McCloud cosplay one day... Look forward to it~
Day 3: Gadget!
My video game gadget would be the Plasmids from Bioshock. That's more of a piece of technology, but I think it works~

I mean come on, who DOESN'T want to shoot fire, lightning, and ice from their fingertips? And I suppose none of you have ever considered how AWESOME it would be to move things with your mind, just like Wonderboy and his mind bullets.
The one and only 18+ section of A&A...
Aggroe's HTD! 
This is a yuri/loli that starts off... not really /forced/, but kinda. I mean, the kid didn't know what was going on and the strange sensations overwhelmed her. Anyways, it was pretty good~ Plain, but plain isn't always bad~
Finally, the daily dose of Japan!
So Japan was my second experience traveling out of America. As such, I made quite a few mistakes. I mean, if you don't make mistakes, how will you learn? The most embarrassing was when Sayaka-chan's younger brother went to school, and I had just woken up, still in a sleepy haze.
So when leaving the house, you say "ittekimasu!" and in response, the family members who hear you say "itterashai!" Basically meaning "I'm leaving" and "Take care!".

So in my sleepy haze, I had forgotten the response. As her younger brother leaves, he goes up to me, smiles, and adorably says "ittekimasu!" But... in my tired stupor I couldn't remember what to say! I really didn't want him to be upset with me, so I racked my brains as he repeated himself.
I did remember how to answer, though!

Of course, thanks to my luck, he had already left.
It was never brought up , and he still interacted with me and laughed...
I don't think I hurt his feelings.

Moral of the story, Japanese people are less likely to get angry at you for forgetting something from their language, especially if you, like me, are a foreigner. If you go to Japan, don't worry! Everyone loved me, so I'm sure you'll be fine~
 Now it's time for my Valentine's Day rant talk!
So Valentine's Day is almost here. If you're like me, you hope to spend the day working out and watching anime~ But what do you picture? Some perfect, romantic day with the boy/girl you love? Maybe you plan to go to a hotel and get busy, or maybe... just maybe, you hope for something like this.
In my opinion, a homemade gift, even if it's just a card, is better than spending 20 dollars on chocolates and flowers! But... Don't skimp on the balloons. Everyone loves balloons. Fuck everything else, I just want, like, hundreds of balloons to put on my ceiling.
Here are some homemade, nerdy ideas for gifts~
*hates pink*
*will write in pink because fuck it, it's February*
1. This one's pretty  cliche, but find out your significant other/crush's favorite 6 Pokemon. Then, collect them all and level them up to 100. Or whatever level you want... It's not the most important part~ Finally, name them in a way that it reads something romantic. For example, "Will you be mine, (first name and last name)?" Then, give them the game and hope that it works~
2. This is a Minecraft one that I've been toying with. In fact, I'll be using it to ask out my crush on the 14th~ Wish me luck!
Basically, build a structure you think they'll like... A castle, an underwater fortress made of glass, a floating island, or even just a quaint house on the hillside. Then, make a scavenger hunt where they have to find clues in chests that are accompanied by flowers or something. Also, find out their favorite mod and include that in there, if you'd like~

3. Pick your favorite romantic song, and make a video of yourself lipsyncing to the song! Ham it up, if you like~ If I did this, I'd probably pick the lines from the Pokemon theme, "It's you and me, I know it's (our) destiny! You teach me and I'll teach you, all day long~!" Or something.
4. If you have any artistic skill, draw a pairing that you ship kissing or something and use it as the cover for a card! If you can't draw to save your life, then find a cute picture of your OTP online and use that~ Or you can just make a plain, simple, romantic card in their favorite colors~
5. Finally, and this is the most important tip of them all... Find out what the other person likes and tailor your gift to that. Flowers and chocolates are way too generic. Similarly, if they don't like Doctor Who, then you probably shouldn't make something that says "This planet... These people... They may be important to the Doctor, but you're my world and I could care less about the rest."
You have no idea how long that took me to think up.

I'd also like to point out that Valentine's Day shouldn't just be a day about romance with your lover. In fact, you can still celebrate, even if you're single! This day is a day to celebrate everyone in your life that you love. Your parents, your friends, your family. Valentine's Day is sold by society as a day where you MUST be in a relationship, but that's not true! If you're happy being single, then enjoy it~ Being single means you don't have to worry about others, and that can be pretty fulfilling and helpful for personal growth~ Still, you don't have to just not celebrate.
Tell your friends and family how much you appreciate and love them! Let them know all about what they've done for you! Stop wallowing in sadness, and start celebrating the relationships you DO have; romantic or not~

Remember, you don't have to be cheesily romantic, either. I mean, the most romantic thing I've ever said to ANYONE was said to Anemone, a roommate and friend... It was "You're like a tumor I'm so emotionally attached to that I can't get rid of."
And I'm a Pisces. I find that funny somehow~

That's all for tonight! I hope you enjoyed the post~ Go out and spend time will ALL your loved ones this February!
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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