Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cosplay Vlogs, Pokemon, and Manabe!

I have just finished writing the script for my Anemone vlogs tomorrow! Aggroe and I plan on making cosplay vlogs. For any Eureka 7 fans out there, I will be cosplaying and role playing as Anemone every Saturday :D Aggroe will be cosplaying and role playing as Fem!Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club! So if you've seen those anime, or maybe you haven't but you're interested in our cosplay vlogs then check them out! Mine will be posted tomorrow!

Also playing Pokemon Fire Red!
I was going to wait for the playthrough to show my first time reaction, but I was having too much fun and I am impatient.

This game is hilarious. Especially Brock's ROCK HARD pokemon in his ROCK HARD pokemon gym ;)
I'll play through it sometime this weekend hopefully!

I also feel pretty epic runnining through the game kicking everyone's butt with a Jigglypuff and a Butterfree (my main two pokemon) XD JIGGLY PUFF FOREVER!

Anyways, here is my favorite Hentai of the day!
A friend of mine sent this to me because I'm flat chested... Also maybe because I might totally love incest hentai... Imeanwhat >.>


Day 17: Childhood Friend

My childhood friend would be Manabe from Kotoura-san! 

He's a hilarious pervert! He loves his friends and cares for them all. If I were his childhood friend I would get to be part of the fun ESP group and pick on him for being a pervert! It would be so much fun!
We'll be posting more throughout the day on our facebook page! If you want to see some of the great things we share then come like us! :D
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