Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Depressed? Not Anymore!

Good evening everyone! Or good morning for me maybe because I just woke up. Aggroe and I have been waking up early to go to the gym and I guess today it got to me and I passed out early.
I didn't really do anything geeky today (Mostly chores and working out).
I ended up going through all of the pictures on my iPod (over 2,000) and imported them to my computer. To my surprise it didn't import them all the way. I found this out AFTER I deleted all the photos from now dated back to my senior year of high school. So I'm pretty depressed that I lost so many memories.
I did say that I was leaving for my parents house today but unfortunately my mom and little sister got the stomach flu.That's why I was stuck at home all day doing nothing.

So today I'm just going to post a few things that make me laugh or cheer me up, this way if anyone else is having a bad day or needs a laugh I can try and make their day and your day a little bit brighter!

Favorite Youtube videos to watch when I am sad:

I love watching these Youtube videos and I hope you get a kick out of them!
1. Shingeki no Kyojin Dance
This has to be the greatest and most hilarious dance video I have ever seen. I can't watch the anime OP without cracking up laughing.
2. Moustaches
This has to be one of my favorite songs. It's hilarious and I have the whole thing memorized. In fact I named my Magikarp Moustache after this song and because he has a fish mustache~
3. You Know What Time It Is
If anyone has seen Attack on Titan this is the greatest thing ever. ESPECIALLY the ending!! If you watch anything make sure you watch the ending.
4. Nicolas Cage- Wrecking Ball
Seriously, 8 seconds of your life brightened. Just watch this.
5. True Facts About The Duck
I'm not joking. Everyone please watch this. I am horrified of ducks.

If you ever have a bad day, hop on your unicorn and ride that bitch to imagination town. Haters gonna hate.

Remember that you are lucky enough to be a human and not a freaky inverted mermaid thing... or a duck.

Cat's are great creatures if you need a little more pussy in your life.

Embrace your weird sex fetishes. Suzaku will accept you.

Just walk it out. Also, Spider Man meme's solve everything.

You all want the Hentai of the day now don't you? 
Well instead of incest I found something great today! This is based off my favorite anime and my OTP <3


Day 20: Hair Style!

The first one to come to mind was I would love Junko's hairstyle from Dangan Ronpa!
I mean seriously look at how fluffy and cute that is. I love her bangs, the clips are adorable, and her hair is wavy. It's CUTE! I would want pink hair though. Because it's anime and I can.

Well that's all for tonight everyone! Hope I brightened your day just a little bit!
Anemone <3

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