Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sega Genesis Adventures and Charmander! :D

Hello Everyone! Anemone here!
I had a pretty eventful day! Aggroe and I woke up early and went to the gym. One day closer to our goals! We have thought about putting together another side blog just for our fitness goals! We've made calendars, inspirational posts, and photos. So if we end up doing the separate blog we'll post it on here for anyone who wants to follow!
After our morning at the gym I went out to Sun Mountain with a friend and played arcade games. Went out for pizza. I came home and hula hooped with my room mates then ended the day playing sonic and Tetris games on the Sega Genesis with Aggroe.
Aggroe may or may not have kicked my ass and owned me.... >.>
It was my first time ever playing the Sega Genesis! So much fun. Wow. So old school. Much playing. Too much dog meme... o.0

Also it looks like Charmander is the winner of this weeks poll! When I do my playthrough this weekend for Pokemon Fire Red I will be starting with Charmander! Thank you everyone for voting :D This next weeks poll is Favorite Sonic Character! Whichever character wins we will draw fan art of! :D
Vote now!


Day 15: Your Anime Theme Song!

The song that would be the theme song to my own life anime would probably be... One Afternoon by Scott and Brendo! I would pick this as my theme song because I would want my anime to be full of fun and adventure and preferably based in the summer when I do all the cool shit like cliff jump and go to the ocean XD This is pretty much what I aim for in my everyday life so this song is perfect!
One Afternoon- Scott and Brendo

Day 16: Person You Would Kill!

If I were to kill anyone from any anime I would kill Ishihara from Rainbow because motherfucker deserves to die!

For anyone who doesn't know, Rainbow is one of my all time favorite anime. I love how deep and emotional it is. This is the saddest, and darkest anime I have ever watched (and I love dark anime). Ishihara is a prison guard who kills other people, torture's the inmates, and sells inmates to the doctor as sex slaves in return for drugs.
I hate him with a passion even though I know he's a fictional character.

Anyways that's all for tonight! Goodnight Everyone!
Anemone <3

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