Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 10 Anime!

Yo! Hello Everyone!
We talk a lot about anime here because both me and Aggroe are obsessed with watching anime. Obsessed? Yes that's the correct term! I want to post my top 10 favorite anime! I was just going to do my top 5 but hey! Lets go all out! :D
10. Soul Eater
I watched Soul Eater years ago! I'd found a picture of Death the Kid online and wanted to know what anime he came from! When I searched him up I found Soul Eater. It's a very uniquely drawn anime. It takes place at a school for misters and weapons. Each mister has a weapon. A weapon is pretty much a person who can turn into a weapon, as simple as that! My favorite character is Death the Kid because he tries to be very serious and yet he's still funny! The anime reminds me a lot of Halloween! It has a witch, Medusa, Frankenstein, Werewolves, and much more! It's pretty funny and full of cool battles!
 Watch Soul Eater

9. Anohana
I watched Anohana about a year ago. The full name is Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa
Mada Shiranai but we'll just call it Anohana~ It's an anime about a girl named Menma who's a ghost and follows around one of her old best friends. All of her old friends have to get together and try and figure out how to send her to heaven. I watched it with a friend who thought I was crazy because I didn't cry at the end. Not until I got home anyways! My favorite character is Menma because she's just so cute and sweet! It's a really bittersweet, heartwarming, and sad anime!
Watch Ano Hana

8. Deadman Wonderland
I watched Deadman Wonderland when I went through a dark anime stage. I still love dark anime to this day! The beginning of this anime is wonderful! The love the opening song! I also love the art style. The only thing I don't like is the ending. This anime is about a boy who is accused of killing his entire class is sent to a special prison. In this prison there are people who have special powers and can use their blood as weapons! It's a very unique and interesting story and the battles and obstacles are wonderful! My favorite character is Hummingbird because she's well.... interesting. (crazy, evil bitch). It's very dark and really sad!
Watch Deadman Wonderland

7. Pandora Hearts
This was recommended to me from a friend after my second convention. I couldn't stop watching it once I
started. I loved the characters and their outfit designs are beyond gorgeous! I would love to do a cosplay from this anime one day. It's a bit hard to explain. A boy named Oz meets a girl named Alice from "the abyss" (which is like another dimension). I don't have a favorite character because I really adore a lot of them! They team up to stop other "chains" (evil creatures). It's a really beautiful and adventurous anime!
Watch Pandora Hearts

6. Code Geass
Japan, now known as Area 11 is taken over by Britainia. Lelouch, a young school boy gets an unbelievable power from a witch called C2 where he can control people by looking into their eyes. I love the art in this anime. It's very pretty. The characters are very tall and thin and have thin eyes. Their outfits are also very gorgeous. My favorite characters are Rolo and Suzaku. Rolo because he goes through a big personality change and he's very cute and "helpful". I also love Suzaku because he fights for what he believes is right, even if it's not. He does what he can. It's a very adventurous and action packed mecha anime!
Watch Code Geass

5. Baccano
This is an anime about mafia gangs on a haunted train! Seriously what on earth is cooler than that!? It's wonderful! The soundtrack is jazzy and I love it! The characters are money greedy, cold blooded, crazy killers. Most of them anyways. My favorite character is Ladd Russo because he's a crazy killer with an adorable girlfriend who he's promised to kill. It's interesting. It's pretty dark but also upbeat and fun! I know it sounds weird but I love it!
Watch Baccano!

4. Princess Tutu
This was one of the first anime's I've watched with Aggroe. It's a lot to explain but basically this girl named Princess Tutu has to collect Prince Mytho's missing heart pieces. There's a lot more to it than that though. There's a writer, a crow, a knight, a duck, another Princess, and a huge twist ending! The name may sound lame to some but it actually has a really dramatic story! Fakir is my favorite character for many reasons but I can't say without giving away important plot pieces. It's dramatic, bittersweet, adventurous, and mind boggling!
Watch Princess Tutu

3. Rainbow
Seven boys in prison try to escape but the officer and doctor are completely insane. I've recently watched this anime this last month. I found this while looking for another anime but the picture caught my eye and I had to check it out and ended up falling in love with it. This anime is really, really dark. It's probably the darkest anime I've ever seen. I don't recommend this anime to people who don't care for darker anime. My favorite character is Joe mainly because of the connection with him in the beginning. This is a heartbreaking, depressing, dark anime.
Watch Rainbow

2. Attack on Titan
I was recommended this when it first came out. I watched the first episode and fell in love! Titans have taken over the earth and they eat humans! They built a big wall to keep the titans out and they ended up breaking in! My favorite character is Armin. I hated him in the beginning but he ended up saving a lot of people and he may not be strong but he's smart! It's really intense and full of action!
Watch Attack on Titan

1. Eureka 7
My favorite anime is Eureka 7! I watched this anime with my boyfriend. He convinced me to cosplay Anemone with him since he's already cosplayed Dominic. It's a bit hard to explain. There's a boy named
Renton who falls in love with a half human named Eureka. There's a lot more to it than that but that's all I'll give ;) My favorite character is Anemone because she went through a big personality change and she's super cute and sassy! It's an adventurous, romantic, action filled, mecha anime!
Eureka 7

Post your favorite anime or top 3 or top 10 or you know, top 100. Whatever you wanna do. I hope I gave you something new to watch! Are any of these on your top 10? If not then why -__- why are you so crazy? I did skip quite a few of my favorites but these are my top 10!
Anemone <3

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