Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hey everyone! Alright, some business first:
Anemone and myself have decided on a general schedule to follow, mostly the same between us. It is only a guideline, it is by no means set in stone!... Anyways, mine is...
Sundays - I will discuss books, comics, manga, and etc... that I have read recently.
Mondays - I will review an anime that I have watched or recommend anime that I enjoyed!
Tuesdays - This is where the schedule REALLY differs. I will be teaching a bit of useful Japanese, talking about something from Japanese culture, or showing off stuff that I got while I was there in June 2012~
Wednesdays - This will be gaming news day, maybe including some rants about what's new in the gaming world.
Thursdays - This will be a random talk day! I'll discuss whatever the hell is on my mind about nerdy stuff and general life. And shit.
Fridays - I haven't decided what my Fridays will hold, so if anyone has any requests let me know ASAP!
Saturdays - D&D, World of Darkness, Adventure Time, Doctor Who... If it has to do with adventuring or RPGs, this is the day you will find my talk about it~
Also, I will post playthroughs as I make them! FRAPS isn't working for me, and my recording software is shit, so I have to fix that first... This schedule shall be implemented by Sunday, hopefully~

Now that that's out of the way, I have some interesting news!
For all of you out there who like obsessive girlfriends or boyfriends, try Yandere Drama CDs! I discovered this because the main character of WataMoto listens to a drama CD like that, and I was curious if they existed... Well, they do... much to my chagrin.

Text: Yandere Cafe
What is a Yandere Drama CD? Well, it's a drama CD, obviously, with a one-sided conversation. And this one-sided conversation is someone talking to YOU. As the story goes on, because it is a story, the person gets creepier and creepier, until they start talking about murdering everyone you talk to. Usually, the voice of the character is done by a famous or well-known voice actor, and almost always one who was in an anime.
Damn yandere characters!
Anyways, I thought this was... interesting, the say the least. If you don't know what a "yandere" is, think Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki. She's one of the better examples.
Gasai Yuno... Isn't she adorable?

There are less yandere guys out there, but in anime, they do exist. It's kinda creepy.
Anyways, here is a link to a youtube video with a Yandere Drama CD with English subtitles, because they are in Japanese.
Yandere Girls Who Love You to Death so You Can't Sleep

Yeah... Creepy to say the least. Basically, whether male or female, a yandere character is over-protective, obsessive, stalker-ish... I might do a playthrough of the game Yandere which features Saki Miyauchi (purple-haired girl with green ribbons pictured above) sometime soon, but it has adult content in the form of both sex and bloody murder/violence/general creepiness.
I hope you enjoyed the post~


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