Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Get A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

So I see a lot of nerdy kids or social outcasts having a lot of trouble getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend because they are obviously going for the wrong people and just don't know it! So today I'm going to share some tips on how to get a boyfriend or girlfriend if you are a nerdy pathetic looser! Here we go! :D (Beware: Major sarcasm intended!)

1. If you want to ask a girl/guy out talk to them first! Talk about your least favorite things like working on cars or body building and DON'T YOU DARE bring up how much you love the new season of Walking Dead or the fact that you just bought Pokemon X instead of Y! Because if you do that you're only going to get those horribly nasty relationships where people actually care about what you like and not about getting laid!

2. This one is important! Spend a ton of money on the person you like! Because it'll be worth skipping that convention for a really hot hooker! Trust us! What? You think you're actually going to meet someone special at that dorkfest anyways? I think not!

3. Never look like yourself! Wear only cool clothes as in plain T-shirts and jeans! Only that. Never dress like yourself. No boy or girl will ever love you if you wear that stupid Star Trek shirt. Also wear make up. And chains. And lots of it. Boys and girls. Just do it.

4. Give up your life. You don't need to play those stupid video games or go out to D&D with your friends if it means your gonna get laid! Seriously. Being in a relationship is SO much better than having a real fun life with actual friends!

5. If she or he likes any of the same bullshit you actually like then get rid of them because their obviously fake or trying to use you! They don't give a crap about real relationships! Everyone knows geeky guys are ugly and geeky girls are fake! Don't give in to it!
I hope you enjoyed these wonderful tips! Go get yourself a babe!

Hey guys~ So I posted those last few tips so maybe you can get a good laugh! Now I kind of want to be serious in case some of you really are having trouble or feel lonely.
1. Talk to the girl or guy that you think is cute and bring up things that you like. If they're not interested then find someone who is.
2. If a girl/guy only wants you for money or sex then they're not worth having in your life. There is so much more to do with your life than waste time on people. In fact go to that convention and meet the love of your life! They're plenty of babes.
3. Always dress the way you want. Sporting that geeky T-shirt can attract someone who also loves that same thing! Be comfortable. Don't worry about your body size or shape. Someone will love those curves or those bones or those muscles,  but please stay hygienic and clean.
 4. Live your life to the fullest. Do what you want to do and not what will attract a girl or guy. Doing what you love will attract people with the same interests! They can easily become great friends or a relationship!
5. If you meet someone with the same interests as you who you think is cute then make a move and don't be shy! It may seem hard at first but chances are you they probably feel the same way about you!

I hope you can all get a good laugh at yourself with the fake tips and I hope the real tips are helpful. Don't be afraid to talk to that cute girl because she looks too pretty to like the things you like. Don't be afraid to talk to that hot guy while you have acne on your face. Some people can really surprise you! Be yourself and be open!
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Anemone <3

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