Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Things That Really Matter

Good Evening Everyone~
Today has been a bit of a sit down and think day for me. Here's my situation. I've lost both my cat and my snake which I've already talked about. I have yet to find a new job that isn't a 5 mile bike ride from my apartment. First months rent comes up 2 weeks after we move in and I get paid the day after the due date. I'm also having a lot of relationship troubles. Not to mention with all the stress I've been losing a lot of weight (I'm really underweight already).
On the bright side I'm moving in with two people who are kind, supportive, and adventurous! I do have a job, even though it's 5 miles away on my bike I could not even have one! My pets are missing, but I'm not going to loose hope this early! THE BRIGHT SIDE WILL SHINE!
So today I just wanted to talk about some other things that are more stressful and worse than what I'm going through. I want to take a moment and put my life problems aside and give some acknowledge things that could really use the help.
First of all earlier today my mom had sent me this link
avaaz is an organization that starts petitions. This one however really caught my eye. I love amphibians and reptiles passionately. Lizards, turtles, fish, and other baby animals have been kept alive in a special fluid and kept as key chains. They die from oxygen deprivation and starvation. The owners of the key chains are then influenced to eat them.
This is not only hurting the poor baby animals that are being slowly killed alive, but also the humans that keep them/eat them. Most of these animals carry a disease called salmonella. That's why it's very important to wash your hands after dealing with reptiles and amphibians.
So if you would like to help stop this madness then go ahead and click the link. It would be greatly appreciated!

Another thing that I've come across recently is the gender degrading breast cancer slogans and campaigns. Breast cancer is a terrible thing, all cancer is! The thing I really dislike about breast cancer campaigns is that it's less about the people who have the cancer and more about the "importance of breasts". Women who have to have their breasts removed and had to go through the cancer will never be the same.
"Save the boobs!" can be really offensive to someone who has gone through breast cancer.
It's sad to think that in our society women are treated as if they are only as good as their breasts. Which is a very sick thought to me.
Here is the link to a video I extremely recommend if you want to hear a better argument on this topic. Alb Loves Boobies
Here is another link on a test that proves how girls are being judged by their breasts. Everyone Stares at Boobs

Sorry this wasn't really a nerdy post. I figured some things needed to be said. Anyways, here are the last couple days of my blogging challenge that I'm failing at :D

Day 4: Favorite Books!

My favorite book of all time is Cirque Du Freak and Demonata by Darren Shawn. I don't care how old I am, I will never stop loving these books! In fact, Evra Von my snake was named after the snake boy in Cirque Du Freak~

Evra Von

Day 5: Three Things To Say Anonymously To Different People

"You need to get over yourself and come back to earth". It really bothers me when people get so caught up in something they think is better and loose everything they had.
"I miss you and I want to see you." Sometimes when you find someone you lost it's both heart breaking and happy. 
"I hope we do this forever" I want to go on adventures all of my life with the good friends that I have. 

Day 6: 3 Pet Peeves

1. When people tell me something I already know. They probably don't know that I already knew it but it still ticks me off randomly.
2. When people jump to negative thinking. "oh well I lost my snake and never found it, sorry about yours"
or "oh my gosh I have so much work to do today I'm never going to get anything done!" I'm usually a pretty positive thinker until I get stressed or there is too much for me to handle.Seriously though GET OVER IT.
3. People who expect me to get hints. "oh he likes you couldn't you tell". No -_- I couldn't. I honestly hate people that don't get to the point of things.
4. (I know this said 3 but now I'm on a roll) When you go to someone for a comfort or help in a bad situation and they tell all their friends that you're starting drama. I don't start drama, the people who spread my personal problems when I relied on them most are. Fuck you.

Now that I'm done ranting like an angry beast I hope you all have a wonderful day and maybe tomorrow I'll post something more fun ^^"
Anemone <3

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