Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Steam Punk Bubble Gum

Hey Everyone! It's cosplay day with Anemone!
Since I can't really afford to put together a cosplay right now with the move coming up and I have a wonderful idea I'd love to share with you all I'm just throwing it all out there. I've wanted to cosplay Princess Bubblegum for a very long time 1) Because she's my favorite adventure time character and 2) A friend of mine cosplays a really well done Marceline!
I came across this steam punk version of Princess Bubblegum and decide that this was what I wanted to cosplay! It's still Bubblegum with a trendy, unique twist! Also she's a princess with pink hair so of course I love it!
I found this corset on a website link a friend had sent me: Corset Story It sells a lot of different burlesque and Steam punk styled corsets and clothing. I'm fond of this one here because It has very similar buckles and straps to the one princess bubblegum is wearing in the picture. On the sides and across the front. Though the top has a white chest piece and while frilly shoulder pieces I figure I could find a white blouse to go with the corset if needed. White blouses can easily be found at thrift stores and for bustier women (so not me) can get away with wearing this kind of corset without a shirt underneath.

I find that either of these two skirts would work for this cosplay (both from the same website as the corset). I feel as though the one on the right fits the style a bit more but it's a bit too dark. I like the one on the left because it's light like the skirt bubblegum is wearing in the picture and I personally think it matches the corset much better than the darker skirt. It could be fairly easy to make brown straps to pull up the front of the left skirt so that it's shaped a bit more like the one on the right.
This petticoat I found on etsy. Shabby Chic Petticoat It's slightly ruffled like the one in Bubblegum's steam punk photo. I feel that it may be a tad bit too flat for this cosplay though. I'd plan to put a second petticoat or even a tutu under this to give it some extra umf! I think the style is great though and just what Princess Bubblegum needs! 
I'm also in love with these cheap, chic little steam punk marry janes I found on ebay. In all honesty I think I would wear these shoes outside of cosplay as well. They're so trendy with a geeky twist and I'm all for it! Even though Bubblegum is wearing heels I think these look much better, mainly because cosplay and high heels suck!!
As for accessories such as the belt, top, socks and gem I'm sure those would be fairly easy to make or find something similar in a thrift shop. So there we have it! My steam punk Princess Bubblegum outfit!
Have a wonderful evening! 
Anemone <3

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