Thursday, November 14, 2013

Talks! Photoshop! and Moving Out! Updates with Anemone!

Heya Everyone!
Today is Random day! There's also only a day or so left to vote for your favorite companion so scroll to the bottom of the page and vote now!
I have a ton of games that I want to playthrough, a lot of them have really great music though! When I can find out how to record sound then there will be a lot more up for you guys! :D
I've been pretty busy today and don't have a lot to talk about today. Just got the keys to our apartment! I'm pretty excited! After I move out I have so much more for you guys!
I'll even make a post of my apartment after it's all set up and put together :) I'm looking forward to it!
Me and Aggroe are making some "Talks with Aggroe and Anemone" where we talk about random things. Seriously just anything. You can ask us any topic on our twitter or facebook! They will just be a recordings, not actual videos.
We've also made a photoshop challenge video! If you've seen Jenna Marbles Photoshop Challenge you know what we are talking about! If not then watch the Jenna Marbles Video!
It's hilarious and wonderful and we had a ton of fun making the video! Aggroe will post it when she can because she has the videos.
Anyways there will be more for you all tomorrow! Sorry I didn't have much to post!
Anemone <3 

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