Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello everyone!
It's been forEVER, I know that better than anyone... Sorry all~ Well, as far as my news goes, I have translations for tracks 1~11 done in writing, and am halfway through the video for track 3. I have a playthrough to post once it's edited, but it's just Techno Kitten Adventure, my latest addiction! Also, I still have to upload Paranoiac and Homesick, because I'm lazy since I have a lot of schoolwork.
Anemone made me aware of a wonderful picture. You see, I've never been a fan of memes. In fact, there are only a few memes I like. I really enjoy the 'soon' memes, and this one... This one takes the cake.
Isn't it just magnificent~?? I find it lovely and perfect. Who cares if it's photoshopped, it fills my heart with joy and... well, laughter, I guess. Anyways, yeah.
Actually, today, I have something I wanted to talk about! Excited?
Well, on Tuesday, Anemone and I are getting together to play some MTG to help her relax. In addition, we're doing the challenge that you can see here... Of course, with energy drinks instead of alcohol. It's somewhat less illegal, haha. PHOTO BOOTH TAG! Now, I myself am not a huge fan of Jenna Marbles, but Anemone loves her and this video made me laugh more than I expected. SO check it out!
Alright, I had intended to post about MTG, and I still will. I'll post a TON of info about it. But right now, Anemone and I are making Monster Girl Quest 'soon' memes. Here, I'll show them to you! Most are appropriate, but a few are R-18... I'll warn you all before hand~

THESE TWO ARE R-18!!! The one on the left is censored, the one on the right is NOT.
You have all been warned~

...Yes, this is how we spent our morning.
If you want to know who made what specifically, you can ask us in the comments or on our facebook page! Yes, we have both a profile and a page!
Yeah. Anyways, onto Magic: The Gathering!
So, MTG is an epic card game. I started playing while my stepmom worked at a small store that sold toys, games, and cards. It was a pretty cool store at the time, though the owner's a jerk. Anyways, they sold Magic cards there, and she got into playing. One day, I was visiting her at work and she bought me my first ever deck! It was a blue intro deck with 3 booster packs on the side. Planeswalkers were just carving out a name in the MTG world, and everyone wanted one. I would even say that, because they were so new, they were rarer than they are today.
The deck was a slow moving leveler, with control cards such as "Cancel".
Unfortunately, the four "Mind Controls" I have now were not originally a part of Wind Waker. It was your basic, everyday intro deck, with a mix of commons and uncommons, they don't just hand out rares.
So when I pulled a "Jace Beleren" out of my first booster, my stepmother was shocked. I had no idea the implications at the time. Out of one of the other boosters, I pulled "Lighthouse Chronologist", a mythic rare. Luck was on my side!

Eventually, I added white. It was a flying/level/control deck, and I called her Wind Waker. I had Zelda in mind, but it was named that because I really liked the sound of it! It seems to fit a blue/white flyer deck, anyhow.
In case you didn't know, Magic the Gathering is a wonderful card game that's really fun to play with friends! Anemone and I are playing on Tuesday, and we'll post a video here, so we'll add in the rules and such then~
My first series was the Eldrazi, but my favorite is definitely Zendikar. What did all of you start with? Do you have a favorite deck that you'll never disband? If so, why? What's the story?
Well, I'll post again tomorrow, so look forward to it~

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