Monday, November 11, 2013

Captains and Veterans

I know it's anime Monday, but since today is Veterans day I'm going to change things up a bit! For those of
you who don't know, I'm in love with Superheros. I know that people don't have special powers but there are people with power that make them super heroes. Cops, doctors, lawyers, judges, jail guards all do well for the society. Today we celebrate the one's who are willing to give their lives for us. Veterans.
Random story, I have hypoglycemia. It's a low blood sugar disorder so when I don't eat enough I get very, very sick. I was in a Veterans parade when I was a Campfire Girl in elementary school. Before the parade started I had an attack and passed out. Lucky for me a Veteran picked me up and carried me to his car, then drove me to my family who was waiting to see the parade.
Since we are on the topic of the military I feel like today is a good Captain America day. I've got my Avengers T-shirt on and I'm ready for my day! Captain America is my favorite super hero and his movie is also my favorite. (Yes I thought it was WAY better than Avengers, even though the Avengers is still good!)
I also think that today is a good day for sugar, yeah sugar! I would love to make some Captain America cupcakes or cookies for today because that just sounds perfect.
Hope you guys all have a wonderful Veterans day! Thank a veteran and be a hero~

Anemone <3

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