Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Few Things I've Learned From Being A Geek

So I have recently talked about the hard times I am going through right now. There's a lot going on and I'm sure that other people have to go through a lot of bad experiences too. In fact I have been so stressed out that I actually called someone a bitch the other day (which is VERY unlike me)!
Now I usually don't like to talk about life situations but this one has gotten particularly bad. When people get stressed they can be angry, violent, sad, unmotivated, sick, and more. Now today I'd love to point out all the amazing things I have learned from comic, video games, t.v. shows, and other geeky things that I love! Hopefully this inspires people as much as it does me!

What I have learned from:

Adventure Time: 

Sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something! Thinking of all of the mistakes in the past it's easy to realize that once you do something wrong, the next time you wont make the same mistakes. This goes for dating, taking care of pets, cooking, trying new sports or hobbies. 
Everyone sucks at something and it's nothing to be ashamed of! Of course if you try something new and are bad at it, you are automatically better than people who haven't tried it yet!
Example: I lost my pet snake and now I know that corn snakes are a bitch to find and that I should keep my eye out for them when handling them. 
Thank you Adventure Time!

Adventure time also teaches me "Don't leave your heart exposed". People will take advantage of you if you give them your everything and expect them to love you back. In fact one thing I love about Princess Bubblegum I that her number two priority in life is doing what she loves! SCIENCE! (I would say number one, but I'm sure that's taking care of her citizens!) All the guys in Ooo love her because she's a bad ass princess and she's always herself!
You rock Princess Bubblegum

Doctor Who:

If you are so desperate so stay alive why don't you live a little? This doesn't mean go bungee jumping because YOLO (I've done this though), it means find your passion(s) and live your life. I've started my own bucket list because I personally love having goals to look forward too. Making a bucket list also helps you discover who you are. My favorite past is that when I cross something off I attach it to a photo to remind me that I completed one of my tasks. 
If you don't want to make a bucket list then at least give yourself a goal you want to strive for because it will be worth it in the long run!

Alice: Madness Returns:

Reality is a prison. Only in your mind you are free. I 100% believe this because there will always be shit that goes on if reality. Your mind is a wonderful tool. It can store amazing memories, learn new things, try new things, love, and much more. 
Finding a peace of mind when you are upset is like an escape from reality and into your own dreams. This may sound cheesy, but I believe you can make your dreams come to life if you can put aside reality. 
If you want to be a singer then make it a reality. What are your first steps? At what cost? 
You sure are inspiring crazy Alice!

Monster Girl Quest:

Monster girl quest taught me a lot of fun things about life!
1) When you are angry have sex
2) Don't be a racist! Have sex!
3) Don't kidnap and rape people, but still have sex.
4) Don't trust people (or monsters) but have sex!
5) Sex.
I love MGQ because it's got a great story but it's still really funny!


Love yourself and do your best! Emp is a big, curvy white girl with big lips, blonde hair, blue eyes and a stereotypical sexy chick! Now she's also a super hero, and a very useless one at that! 
Even though she's always getting made fun of by monsters and her own team mates she still has her boyfriends Thug Boy, her best friend Ninjette, and her pet demon lord robot I should say? She's also still a super hero!
This comic teaches us to love the little things in life because we're all kind of fucked up! 
Thanks Empowered!

Anyways that's all for tonight but I plan to add a bunch more and maybe even do a separate: What Anime Taught Me post! I hope this inspires a ton of people as much as it inspired me! 
Also! I won't have internet at my apartment for a few days so there wont be much going on unless Aggroe posts! Tomorrow may be my last day on here for a bit!
Anemone <3

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