Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anemone's Random A** Excuses

Hello Everyone! Aggroe and I are back!
I want to share with you our journey of why we have been gone for so long!
Aggroe and I were both in the process of moving, and it turns out we moved in together with our lovely new room mates! It was really hectic to move everyone in but we got it done pretty quickly.
Also I had thought that blogger wasn't working. It wasn't working for me and Aggroe for completely different reasons and we managed to fix each others problems fairly easily!
In that time I created a tumblr and DEAR LORD DO I FREAKING HATE TUMBLR. Oh my gosh it was just awful. Very little customization and not very easy to share.
After that I had created a new Blogger that took me forever to put together. By the time I actually finished it this one was fine.
All this last week we have had blogger back, but since we hadn't been on in so long I had the most extreme writers block. Now that I am back I am excited to get started!
Sorry for being gone for so long!
So what cured my writers block? Well, I was just sitting here in bed, sick as hell when I decided to work on my letter to myself. It's an awesome project I recently started on where you ask yourself a bunch of questions for the future and talk about your current life. Then in 1/5/10/20 years or however long you choose to wait, open the letter and read all about your past self. Your old favorite things, pets, jobs, were you live, what you do, hobbies. Stuff like that and see how much you changed.
My room mate was the one who got my interested in doing this. I'm making it really long and detailed so I can remember all the things about myself.
Some of my favorite questions are:
Do you still cosplay? If so who?
What are your top five favorite anime?
Did you ever watch the new Star Trek movies?
How many anime conventions have you been to?
Are you still blogging? If so how is that going?
Basically questions like that. ^^"
I guess that once I start typing something interesting I just get encouraged to write more! That and it might also have to do with the fact that for some reason I become more creative and inspired when I get sick.
I can't really think of anything geeky to share recently so I might just post all the random shit on our blog! I'm sure Aggroe wouldn't mind ^^"
I have started some new anime that I plan to share and I'm working on a new cosplay! I might also be sharing some videos soon for another project I am working on. I'm working on a video for sexy cosplaying and submitting it to Underground Kosplay! I'll have that up as soon as I get to feeling better! Just a few updates for ya!
Also Christmas is just a few days away and I'm flipping out! I'm so excited!
Anyways that's all for today everyone so I'll see you in the next few weeks when I decide to post again unless I become awesome and post tomorrow!
Anemone <3

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