Monday, December 30, 2013

The Sexiest Convention!

Hello All!
Anemone here and ready to post! Had an epic time this last weekend at Newcon PDX! It was seriously the greatest adult anime convention ever. I brought Aggroe with me! Her first anime convention filled with tons of 18+ panels, Asian men in maid outfits, cosplay, and sexiness!!

I went to this convention as Fem!Makoto from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. The new anime that came out this last summer. Since I was cosplaying in a swimsuit I joined the swimsuit contest! I performed a hoop dance to the song "What PS2" by Ken Ashcorp.

I will have a video of that posted as soon as our friend sends it to us to use on our blog! It was a ton of fun! Aggroe and I also went to the maid cafe! Unfortunately we showed up too late to get lap dances, but it was still pretty awesome!
We also went to a few other panels like the 18+ Who's Line that was FUNNY AS F*CK! We went to the Avengers panel and somehow escaped with a full bag of Avenger candy sticks. We ended the night with the rave!
Aggroe and I decided on a few goals for next years Newcon:
1. Newcon is our motivation to gain/lose weight for next year!
2. Join and WIN the Swimsuit competition! In fact Aggroe and I challenged each other for next year!
3. We need to get lap dances at the Maid Cafe

Yes! So if you'd like to join us for some epic, adult, party, nerdy fun next year at Portland PDX Newcon then please join us because we will be joining again for sure and bringing MORE PEOPLE!
Hopefully we can get the pictures soon!
Anemone <3

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